Welcome to HiPipo

HiPipo is a leading digital age organization with operations covering Digital, Financial Inclusion, Inclusive finance, Events, Awards and Music. HiPipo is keen to promote secure digital financial services because of their vital role in promoting financial inclusion. We maintain our works as charitable and public goods in service of financial inclusion and digital innovation.

HiPipo spearheads financial inclusion advocacy in Africa under the Include Everyone Program. We organize the famous all-inclusive, life-changing initiatives such as; 40 Days 40 FinTechs, the FinTech Landscape Exhibition, Women In FinTech Hackathon, Women In FinTech Summit, HiPipo Music Awards, Digital Impact Awards Africa and the Digital and Financial Inclusion Summit with generous support from the Gates Foundation and other partners.

Globally, HiPipo is a visible advocate for digital innovation, #FinTech and #FinancialInclusion.

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Financial Inclusion Advocacy