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A part of East Africa, West of Kenya, North West of Tanzania and North of Rwanda, Uganda the Pearl Of Africa will be on fire come January 29th 2010.
Guess What!! It is going to be the first ever time for one of the world’s greatest celebrated musician, song writer, music promoter, video director, producer and most of all a superstar among world top Celebrities Robert Silvierster Kelly a.k.a R.Kelly to come to East Africa and Uganda in particular for the R.Kelly Zain I Believe Concert Event at Lugogo Indoor Stadium on the 29th of January 2010.
A number of promotional strategies have been put in place by Zain Telecom to make this show an extraordinary one and an event to remember for all East Africans.  Among which but most popular marketing strategy by Zain Telecom for the R.Kelly I believe concert is the involvement of R.Kelly fans, Zain customers and all well wishes in the I believe concert event promotion through voting for the local artists that will perform on the same stage with R.Kelly during the Zain I Believe Concert.
People are to win and win millions and millions, One Million Shillings everyday till the I Believe Concert day from Zain Telecom Uganda. All that one has to do is to vote for artists among the chosen 12 Ugandan celebrated artists and you will join the draw to win millions. 
Among the Ugandan nominated artists are Iryn Namubiru, Peter Miles, Lady Mariam, Toniks, Cindy, GNL Zamba, Peter Miles & Menshan, Lady Mariam, Jose Chameleone, Bebe Cool, Weasle and Radio.
Jose Chameleone, Bebe Cool, Weasle and Radio are still leading the voting competition respectively.
R.Kelly fans are also to win Tickets, R.Kelly T-shirts and so many other R.Kelly Logistics with Winning Tickets for the Zain I believe concert is as simple as one getting to the internet log on to and look out For the R.Kelly I Believe Concert promotion link. An online fun multimedia module has been developed to entice interactivity of the R.Kelly I Believe concert promotion , let people know about R. Kelly the music superstar, give their comments and views  about Robert Kelly and also enjoy all that he has done for them in the music industry. Most importantly suggest the songs that they would love to see R.Kelly Perform on the Zain I believe Concert in Lugogo.
This multimedia module is named “R.Kelly Must Play Hits” I Believe Concert. R.Kelly fans are to use it to vote for their all time R.Kelly top and sweetest Hits and videos, watch the videos live playing, Read R.Kelly Lyrics as the music videos play, Declare attendance for the show, Answer questions in the Know R.Kelly quiz . This participation will get them into a draw where R.Kelly Fans will Win The Zain I Believe Concert Tickets Sponsored by
More to that , R.Kelly fans can also find Photos of R.Kelly in his music life and tours, videos image clips and so much more.   Follow this link to The R.Kelly Must Play Hits page