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June is another record month for Uganda music. With over 11 good quality videos released a day, the music industry is having a demonstrable growth and development trend that will help expand the employment base of the creative arts industry and the entire economy.
It is our goal at HiPipo to accurately portray in an unbiased manner how music performs relative to other music.
We are seeing rapid adoption of new streaming and distribution models that are changing user experience and behavior at an unprecedented pace.
This month’s Hop 10 songs were watched 12,880,390 times with YouTube taking 4,880,393 views for official videos and other top streaming platforms such as HiPipo, Facebook, Sound Cloud and Vimeo among others contributing 7,999,997 views.

Beera Nange the No.1 song this month went viral on Facebook with hundreds of Sheebah fans recording cover snippets that gathered thousands of views. The song played 127 times on the top 20 radio stations and 52 times on the Top 10 TV Stations in Uganda averagely every day.
Here is the list of the only authentic Hot 10 songs chart, the only one you can trust; #HiPipoChartsJUNE HOT 10 SONGS; PDF VERSION