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  • June 6, 2019

World’s Most Famous Music Awards

Almost every person at least once in his life has heard about Grammy or American Music Awards. There are many music awards all over the world: these are both international and regional ones dedicated to the achievements in various genres of music. Every musician eventually gets at least some kind of award. Practically any music […]

Watch Out For The Music Industry Vampires!

By Innocent Kawooya | Mohamed Kimbugwe | Editor: Consolate Kyarikunda Apart from the artists themselves, a music industry thrives on genuine investors, partners and contributors. These may invest their time, knowledge and money in ensuring the growth of artists and a music industry in general. Such partners may include those that genuinely promote artists, those […]

Without Humility, Fame Is Abused.

By Innocent Kawooya | Mohamed Kimbugwe | Editor: Consolate Kyarikunda It is human nature that when people attain stardom, they often times acquire this kind of aloofness that detaches them from reality. That is obviously myopic and overestimated sense of self-worth and importance. It usually is characteristic of stars that are just getting their feet […]

Music Campaigns; A Way To Create Super Brands.

By Innocent Kawooya | Mohamed Kimbugwe | Editor: Consolate Kyarikunda The word Campaigns is synonymous with politics but we are not talking about politics here, much as we may quote political examples. We are talking about music campaigns; the deliberate effort by an artist to spread out and reach their fans at all levels. Let’s […]

Artist Management Dynamics; A Need-Know For A Successful Music Career.

By Innocent Kawooya | Mohamed Kimbugwe | Editor: Consolate Kyarikunda Professional management is an integral part of any professional music career. However, it is also important to note that not every artist is ready for fully fledged management, unless they too have embraced fully fledged professionalism. If an artist is still unprofessional and ignorant about […]

African Music Videos Must Breath Africa!

By Innocent Kawooya | Mohamed Kimbugwe | Edited by Consolate Kyarikunda In recent years, music videos have become a key tool in promoting music on the African continent. Musicians have gone out of their way to craft great videos at exorbitant sums of money, just to make a mark on the continent. What’s important to […]

Navy Kenzo excite Fans in Israel

Awarding winning Afro pop/dance music duo “Navy Kenzo” from Tanzania comprised of recording artists Nahreel and Aika performed in three cities of Israel between 13th – 17th April 2017. The duo did hit 4 stages consecutively from the mesmerizing cities of Israel “Tel Aviv”, “Rehuvot” and “Haifa”. They made their appearance at “Club Barbie” and […]

#HMA2017; This is the only place to be!

There is only one thing that has grown as fast as the entertainment industry in East Africa… And that is the portal that has become the definitive source for all things entertainment in this area code… HiPipo! From blazing an internet trail as the go-to- Social entertainment-platform, we are now the first name when it […]

Men scorched her legs, she got a big hit and vanished!

Innocent Kawooya and Mohamed Kimbugwe Music and Money are inseparable! Just like a young man sells his ancestors graveyard and uses the money to start a business in an arcade somewhere in town; just like a young lady gets a loan and starts a shop in Kikuubo, so is music. Music is a job, career, […]

Platnumz; the Diamond of African Music.

Long vanished are the days when writing about African musicians was all about unenthusiastic annotations and cynicism. We have since ushered in an era where we are proud of our musicians