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Grace Nakimera, Juju Excite Rwanda Fans

Innocent [at] HiPipo.com She is one of East Africa’s most gifted and celebrated female artistes, a people's person, independent and multi-talented entertainer that began her professional musical career back in 2004 with Pentagon and Gatimo in a song titled "Ani Akumanyi" before going solo. Grace Nakimera is a vastly talented vocalist, performer and songwriter, who […]

Grace Nakimera’s Mpola Mpola Video Is Invigorating

Medkimbugwe [at] HiPipo.com Grace is one Ugandan Diva who is well known for crafting startling videos. From Kawonawo, Onyambanga to Nkwagala Kufa, Grace Nakimera’s videos are exceptional and always unpredictably astonishing! Mpola Mpola is equally terrific! Imagine a music video with no bevy of extras, any arduous props and locations! The result for such a […]

Grace Nakimera Eyes Wider Market with Shalala

Giving Grace Nakimera a prologue of any sorts would not only be hectic, but also probably unfair to a Diva whose accomplishments are self expounding. I’ll therefore focus on her latest single, Shalala. Shalala may sound unsophisticated for a song title, …..

Amusement at Club Guvnor 2nd Anniversary with Grace Nakimera

Grace Nakimera performed with a group of talented Dancers (Boys and Girls). She from time to engaged with different fans in the club. The diva performed crowd pulling singles such as Mpola Mpola, Nkwagala Kufa, Anfukula and Sexy among others.

Mpola Mpola by Grace Nakimera is a Unique Blend of Music

The persona in Mpola Mpola tells her lover that she wants to love him, nice, slow and steady but also purely. What love can be better than that?! In my point of view, all those are the ingredients of interesting love.

Grace Nakimera in an Attempt to Set World Record with KIBOKO GROUP

Uganda’s very own, talented, artistic, creative and Award winning Diva, Grace Nakimera is in big things again. She will soon be breaking into the international arena and get into world record books for creating the first ever Corporate Company Anthem in Africa….

Grace Nakimera Shoots Mpola Mpola Video

Mpola Mpola is Grace Nakimera’s latest love single. In the song, the Diva lyrically assures her man the best love treatment, tender care and all the great things he has ever wanted from a woman, slowly but steadily!

Grace Nakimera in Nkwagala Kufa video

The colors, lighting and dressing are the usual good things that are characteristic of Grace’s videos. Of course you will not see the much energy like she has presented previously in videos like Sexy, Kiva Kuki and Nvawo Nawe among others. This song is a slow one! But she is aggressive as always in….

Tora Kagame Remix by Juju; the Rwandese Inspiration

Getting people to vote in Rwanda for the first time was not a simple task for president Kagame not until the innovative and artistic talented DJ and Singer Juju aka DJ Junior came up with an idea of …..

Kologa Dance by Juju; Hitting the Local Market by Surprise

Juju released a classic dance/party song titled Kologa in which he features firebase deserter Buchaman. Kologa was done in several languages that include English, Kinyarwanda, Luganda and Kiswahili. According to Juju,….