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2017 So Far; Navio, Stand Up to be counted!

Solo Dre. Njogereza and Tumunonye saw Navio revolve. The former is according to many his biggest main stream song – a song that was loved by people from all walks of life. He followed it up with Tumunonye also in the same style. This too was about to catch fire, but never… Midway, it stagnated […]

2017 So Far; Is Bebe Cool almost there but not there yet?

Solo Dre. Bebe Cool! Bebe Cool! Bebe Cool! Bebe Cool this, Bebe Cool that. Bebe Cool here, Bebe Cool there. Bebe Cool new song every month. Bebe Cool new song every two months. Bebe Cool Artiste of the Decade as voted for by the people in the prestigious 2017 HiPipo Music Awards. Bebe Cool owns […]