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I always  wish the good old days could get back. If you were old enough in the mid, late 90s & early 2000s, you truly know that, those were good days, when we didn’t have so much but we had fun to the fullest, if you really wanted to hung out in the best nite spots, I guess you know what Sabrina’s Pub always brought to the table, I remember seeing majority of today’s big stars when they did music from their heart, and all they cared about was to showcase talent. The most notable ones included Juliana, Irene Numubiru, Micheal Chris, Chameleone,Bebecool,Chizzo,Kucklee and the rest. Every time the karaoke nite was on, they always came out and gave it their best.


 No one cared about the money, their mission was to showcase that Uganda really had talent all thanks to the proprietor Hope Mukasa, who came with  the vision after returning from Europe and he felt this was the only way you could tap talent, I think all these guys owe him a lot basing on  the fact that he always provided a platform for them to showcase their talent, each and every week. Though to him, he says it gives me a lot of pride and joy, watching all these big stars today, and the great work they’re doing to educate, entertain and represent our nation,.

 Hope Mukasa says that talent didn’t stop with their generation because there’s still lots of potential out their but people just need to be discovered. In his words Hope says, “As pioneers of karaoke in this country, we brought this here, and everyone started doing it, we stepped out, and we have watched all those who do it and that’s why we have decided to redo it , because we are the masters of this, we’re bringing back karaoke nites at Sabrina’s Pub, everyone out their who really feels they got talent should come to the place, where it all started”.


SABRINA’S PUB has got whole new PA sound equipment plus original karaoke tracks from the US. It looks even bigger and better than it has ever been, with a sports bar, games section and a very beautiful garden. It has been fully colour branded by Nile breweries and come the 12th of dec 2009, we will be launching the karaoke nite which will feature some of the big stars today like NAVIO, GNL, GRACE NAKIMERA, CINDY and many more. The finals will be in the last week of the year and JAMAL the son of Karaoke himself will be their to crown the winner (MR or MRS SABRINA’S). Lots of goodies like free recording contracts are to be won.

 To check out the new look of Sabrina's pub,just check in the gallery.