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  • #40Days40FinTechs: Trade-Lance; using technology to leave a lasting mark in people’s lives.
    By Our writer While the COVID-19 crisis has taught people the importance of digital technologies in all aspects of life, its importance has been greatly felt in the financial space. An increasing number of transactions are progressively going online as social distancing and the lockdown proved that it is only technology that can be harnessed […]
  • #40days40Fintechs: Yapheh is offering salon services at a click of a button.
    Our Reporter. If there is anything that the corona virus crisis has taught business people in Uganda and world over, it is the power of technology in providing goods and services. With the lockdowns that cut across nations as countries implemented measures to curb the spread of the dreaded virus, the only businesses that managed […]
  • #40Days40FinTechs: FileTax is helping businesses file taxes with ease.
    Our Reporter. While some people and businesses in Uganda would be willing to pay taxes, the cumbersome procedures make it difficult for many to comply. This explains why the Uganda Revenue Authority, the body charged with collecting taxes on behalf of the government, is still failing to increase the country’s taxable base, despite there being […]
  • #40days40Fintechs: Merchandise Uganda is linking sellers to buyers.
    Our Reporter. Merchandise Uganda, an e-commerce platform that connects sellers to buyers is increasingly gaining prominence in Uganda, owing to its ability to connect businesses to market across the globe easily. Established in March 2019, the platform allows merchants to open mini-showrooms through which they market their products to potential buyers by posting product photos […]
  • #40days40Fintechs: Hamwe East Africa transforming agriculture through digitization.
    Our Reporter. Digital agriculture is increasingly gaining prominence across the world. It is predicted that by 2021, the digital agriculture market, including value of software, algorithm, platforms and links between farming and technology hardware, would triple to $15 billion. To tap into this growing market so as to transform agriculture through enhanced production and productivity, […]



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