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Getting of age and experience at times seem too similar to many, since many of the matures want to make everyone believe they have the experience, But then what is experience to you dear reader??? , 
Let‘s keep the question in our minds and think over it, maybe one of you out there will tell us. 
For the H.E president of Uganja, experience means a number of things, one of which is growing up to understand the way things are done, ideologically thinking to the future and not today, learning to accept reality and always doing things right in relation to the history/roots of one’s experience. 
Bobi wine was on one of Kampala’s Top Radio stations live talk show when he said some of these things, he was being interviewed about his life, his upcoming launch hotel Africana This Friday, His business life, achievements and What he thinks and plans for his future. 
One of the questions asked was about his much wealth where the modulator asked the president whether he has accumulated all his wealth from music or anything else, 
Listen, this is what the president had to say, “Mr., Hard work pays , I assure you that 90% of what I have is all from hard work but not music as you insinuate.” 
Modulator: Bobi are you friends with Bebe cool, 
Bobi Wine “Sure we are and when I meet Munene I always great him But when he annoys me I have to give him some beating so he can learn.”
Modulator: Where do you see you self in the next five years Bobi, 
Bobi wine , Mr., Bobi Wine already started a record label :”ONE LOVE” ready to recruit talent, if there is anyone out there with big talent then they should come and we check them out , but for Stars Like Jose Chameleone , I can even sign Him Now, just after this interview, 
Modulator: What of Bebe Cool, 
Bobi: For Bebe we really need to first sort ours selves on some issues but when this is done I will gladly sign him. 
Modulator: Bobi it’s like Radio and Weasle are taking up the Top artists positions what do you say about that? 
Bobi: Hey get serious, Top where, no let me tell you this, next time when you are talking about stars and Top artists comparable to Bobi , you should say names like Philly Lutaaya, Jose Chameleone , Bebe Cool and not those young boys who are still upcoming. 
Modulator: Bobi what should your fans expect on your Launch, 
Bobi: Music from heaven and earth, anything entertaining People in the world have ever wanted, Of course it’s the President’s Party and it doesn’t mean there can’t be anyother parties in town, but it’s the only recognized one. 
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