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While smartphones are far less widespread in Uganda than in other countries, there is still a need here for a reliable service allowing people to listen to music while on the go. Given the small size of the market (in 2016, only 4% of Ugandans used a smartphone) you cannot expect for major services that rely almost exclusively on mobile users to enter the market. Still, if there are enough people using Betway soccer betting on the go to justify the existence of an app for that, there must be enough for music streaming services – maybe not Spotify but others – to enter the country. They have – and the first brand on the list will probably be a big surprise for many.

Apple Music

Apple is pretty selective when it comes to the availability of its services. This is why it is surprising to see that its music streaming service, Apple Music, is not available in Iceland, a country with a small population that’s almost entirely connected (96% of its population had internet access as early as 2013) but is available in Uganda. It is not the cheapest service there is but it comes with a 90-day free trial.


TuneIn is not an on-demand music streaming service but rather a global internet radio that offers its users access to live streams of radio stations from all over the world. It has numerous Ugandan radio stations covered – it features everything from Beat FM to Radio Simba – and more than 100,000 others from all over the globe. It does have a premium service, too, but its basic services are completely free of charge.


An audio sharing service perfect not only for music, DJ mixes, and such but podcasts and audiobooks as well. The best thing about Soundcloud is that it’s free of charge no matter which of the options you choose – both on desktop computers and smartphones. It might not have the latest mainstream hits but it has an incredible variety of up-and-coming, independent artists that it helps you discover completely free.


Last but not least let us mention Sauteez, the easiest and most convenient way to access the latest and best Ugandan music. The service was developed by musicians in Kampala who have for many years tried to commercialize their art. It provides its users with DRM-protected content from several record labels and musicians.
“We’re incredibly excited to launch Sauteez app, a revolutionary new music experience for Ugandans”, Sauteez Business Development ManagerJulius Kyazze said upon the launch of the service last December. The app is available on iOS and Android-powered smartphones.