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One of the most extraordinary modern composers Nico Cartosio introduces his new work. “Melting” is this spring’s most romantic track, which has already melted hearts of millions of people.

Cartosio is widely known as a composer who has completely changed our view on classic music. Being an adherent of musical expressionism, Cartosio is capable of playing both the black-and-white keyboard of the piano and on the heart strings of humans’ souls. Melancholy, upbeat, sad, badass, fascinating – one way or another Nico’s works always trigger audience’s pure emotions.

No wonder the three previous compositions created by Cartosio – «Snow Above the Earth», «Cocaine March» and «Christmas on the Moon» – has gathered more than 9 million of views on the composer’s YouTube channel. These tracks entered the Top-200 Apple Music UK, were nominated for the Berlin Music Video Awards and were disseminated by dozens of music media sources.

And now, Cartiosio is presenting to the astounded audience yet another dimension of his creativity, a delicate and romantic one. “Melting” is a touching story of a composer who would do anything to see his sweetheart smile in the morning.

Those who saw this video has already tagged it the warmest music video of this spring. And it’s so true: when the lyrical piano music interweaves with the spectacular views of Rome, the world’s most romantic city, whoever was listening to it couldn’t help but feel his or heart melting.

“I remember how I looked at her, enamored, and suddenly heard her tune. My beautiful companion turned into a melody. Thanks to this great beauty, that she gave to me, for the first time in my life did I understand what it means to melt and to be melted. So, this composition is my way to thank la grande bellezza, to thank Rome and the beautiful Roman girl” – shares Nico in his interview.

“Melting” is a track from the same name debut album by Cartosio, which was released on April, 17th. Experts have already called this release the main music event of this spring.

And these critics have serious reasons to call it this way: the album was recorded on the Abbey Road studio, where The Beatles, Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Amy Winehouse and many other famous musicians used to create their masterpieces. His tracks were created in cooperation with the best musicians of a symphonic orchestra from London, whose music you have definitely heard in the world blockbusters such as “The pirates of the Caribbean”, “Harry Potter”, “The Batman”, “Doctor Strange” and others.

So, here it is the last single before the long-awaited album will be released. It’s a composition about the triumph of spring and warmth. But it’s not about the weather or air temperature. What Cartosio wanted to express is related to an old Tibetan belief: after death souls of sinners go to eight cold hells. And after the endless circles of coldness and torture in the end a human’s soul starts melting, when love and beauty set it free from the series of these cold hells.

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