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Saturday 28th November 2009, saw one reknown and most populated suburb of Kampala city on fire as the Uganda’s most favorite band Eagles production blazed Jomica Motel with classic performances.

Our snoops had passed by a few days before and saw banners advertising the Eagles but we all thought it was another Kiwani as it has always been in pubs around Kampala. My dear this time by 9:30 the whole eagles crew was at Jomica Hotel. Seated out at the veranda were the Eagles superstars like Seruga, Geoffrey Lutaaya, Catherine Kusasila, and Doreen Nantume among others. The men among this group were all dressed in their respective premiership T-shirts, Arsenal was most sounding.

At 10:00pm it was time to get the fans what they have always wanted and as the saying goes, Ladies First , Indeed it was the ladies first and Doreen got it right when she had a 30 minutes now stop live performance.

After Doreen setting the club on fire, it was now an easy way through for the rest since they all came to add an over does to their fans, every single artist had a minimum of 30 minutes performance full of fans cheers and gratefulness.

For a value of 5000 Ugandan shillings, the Eagles fans in Kawaala Got the show at zero price in my own view.

The show had over 2500 people who attended and drinks were the order of the day.