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HiPipo Reporter.
Are you tired, bored and wish to laugh out loud? Don’t look any further. You will get all this and much more from one place. Katusekemu YouTube Channel is the new home of original, comical and rib cracking comedy skits.
Rotating around the life of Taata Sam (Daddy Sam), these short Luganda skits are great to watch. But importantly, they don’t contain any dirty talk, thus enabling parents/ guardians to freely watch them with their kids.
Katusekemu Channel Description.
This is a channel that brings you the funniest local comedy skits in Uganda. Acted by Robert Sande and directed by Mayambala Samuel of MK Media Productions.
Mayambala Samuel is also the director and producer of the famous comedy skits such as Dont mess with Kansiime Anne, Zizu, Teacher Mpamiire, Professor Joel (Mendo Museveni), Uncle Simo (comedy made in Africa).