Diva Awards This Saturday

Theatre La Bonita Is going to be on fire tomorrow as Uganda’s Female artists compete for different awards during the Divas Music awards. Gates to the Africa Divas Awards ... Read More

November 12, 2009

Straka Barks At The Press.

Am Big and everyone knows that, Big is Big and Straka’s is Big. Things happened and I am not GOD to decide on when I have to get sick ... Read More

November 12, 2009

The President needs prayers.

Toall of you out there who are tuned to Hipipo.com, I send my regards. Through the weekend a lot of good and bad things happened concurrently such as Chelsea celebrating victory ... Read More

October 11, 2009

bobi de one

hi all bobi’s funs ova dere an a student at bsk and i do have a belief dat bobi is gonna take it all dis year

October 10, 2009