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Judge finally decides on Michael Jackson’s Film


LOS ANGELES – A major Michael Jackson movie deal, and the film is planned to be out in theater late this year. Any additional Michael Jackson Merchandise will have to wait for now. The film, collection from the hundreds of hours of behind-the-scenes and rehearsal/practice footage shots in Los Angeles some weeks before Michael Jackson was to start off his 50 “This is It” concerts in Europe (London), will also feature interviews with Jackson’s friends and collaborators. Portions of the movie will also be shown in 3-D. According to the CEO Sony Pictures Entertainment, people have already fallen for the movie because the numerous reminders of the happenings and the life behind scene of the Late pop star Michael Jackson. Fans will have to wait for some more time before official Jackson merchandise hits store shelves or a museum exhibit of the singer’s memorabilia is displayed. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff delayed approving a pair of lucrative contracts after attorneys for Jackson’s mother, Katherine, raised a series of objections. Attorneys spent hours trying to work out a deal, but Beckloff ultimately delayed a ruling and appointed an independent attorney to represent Jackson’s three children in estate matters. More of this story will come your way.

Diva Awards This Saturday


Theatre La Bonita Is going to be on fire tomorrow as Uganda’s Female artists compete for different awards during the Divas Music awards. Gates to the Africa Divas Awards venue will be open at 3pm and the guest of Honor I.e. Kamuswaga of Kooki Apollo Kabumbuli will be at the venue at around 4pm.
There will be lots of entertainment at the venue from different artists including but not limited to Desire Luzinda, Ngoni, Cindy, Chilli Galz, Zari, Leila, Annet Nandujja and many others.

Afrika Divas Awards will crown artistes in 17 different categories. Among the Most competitive categories are
Diva of the Year award for which Grace Nakimera is competing with, Cindy Iryn Namubiru, Desire Luzinda and Agatha Kafoko, The Diva Awards Song Of The Year where Cindy’s Ayokyayokya will be competing with Where You are Of Blu 3, Byonna Twala of Mariam Ndagire, Kawonawo By Grace Nakimera and Bonna Obasinga song by Iryn Namubiru.

Among the other Titles to be competed for are:
1.    The Diva Video Of The Year Award
2.    The Diva Best Collaboration Award
3.    Diva Song of the Year Award
4.    New Diva Group of the Year Award
5.    Diva Best Group of the Year Award
6.    Diva Reggae/Ragga artist of the year Award
7.    Band / Folk Pop Award Winner Of the Year
8.    Diva R &B Artist of the Year Award.
9.    Diva Hip-Hop Artist of the Year Award
10.    Diva Gospel artist of the Year Award
11.    New Diva  artist of the Year award
12.    Diva Afro-beat Artist of the Year Award
13.    Diva Cultural artist of the Year Award
14.    Lifetime Achievement award  

Straka Barks At The Press.


Am Big and everyone knows that, Big is Big and Straka’s is Big. Things happened and I am not GOD to decide on when I have to get sick or not. This time it was bad lack that I had to get sick on my wedding day. But those useless reporters all went writing about Straka because they know Straka is Big and I can really make them Big News.  Those were Straka’s words on her late show Thursday 10th December 2009.

Straka added, Waama my fans and all those who like Ugandan music, Like Straka the wedding is going and will be there by Hook or crook.  I just had it bad this time that I fell sick but that’s fine we going to get this wedding very soon.

Straka after failure to accomplish her wedding plan when she got sick on Saturday 5th December 2009 and was admitted, Yesterday appeared on her popular TV show “The Late Show” On WBS Television. Straka was looking so fine and well taken care of, she didn’t seem to even have been sick for even a single day this week.

Despite the fact that all this happened, this time round Straka was so strong  and spent so much time barking at the press and telling his fans that those guys(The Press) have always written about Big people like Straka and they will always write. Straka’s fans who I presume didn’t attend her wedding at Namboole Stadium this time came in to call and cheer Straka up. Making statements like Straka is big and Big is Big, My friend it was fan.

Straka dedicated a Kawonawo Song by Ugandan Female superstar Grace Nakimera to all the press guys and emphasized that Straka is a Rare to find Kawonawo type of Hero.

Henry Tigan to launch his Wadawa album -out of control-


Afterfailure to launch is album last year, Henry Chogm (Tigan) is finally set to
launch is well composed and lyrically strong Wadawa album this week at kyadondo
rugby grounds. That guy who composed and sung beautiful melodies such as Empisazo,
Aneganye with Bobi Wine, World of scandals with Marlone Asher, Yenze, out of
control, Uganda, Emiranga, Pretty gal, woman of my life and Wadawa is going to
treat his diehard fans in the most technical way this time round. Henry Tigan
who in my opinion I consider to be one of the few talented Ugandan artists
needs more than numbers as a sign of appreciation for his tremendous and consistent
music work. Tigan is this unique musician who is violent free, simple and easy.
To all of you out there who have for so long listened to that mouth watering voice,
this is your lucky date to be treated in an info-tainment kind of performance.
Tigan who is managed by Boi boss and Suudi entertainment will be accompanied by
Marlon Asher to kyandondo.Of course Marlon (ganja planter) is a big name to the
rasta-reggea artists. Apart from the ganja planter, Tigan will also travel to
kyadondo with the President of the Uganja republic and the entire Uganja government
(fire Base crew),Jose Chameleone, Juliana K, Doctor Hilderman, Renah, Dj Michael
and Peter miles will also perform in person. From kyadondo at a fee of 50000
shs VIP n 10000 shs general happiness, the concert will move to Agip motel
(Mbarara) 5000 shs on Saturday and Gaba beach on Sunday for 5000 shs.

Henry Tigan, Bobi Wine, Jose Chameleone, Juliana K and
Marlon Asher at kyadondo this week.

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Story by: Kalungi
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The President needs prayers.


Toall of you out there who are tuned to Hipipo.com, I send my regards. Through
the weekend a lot of good and bad things happened concurrently such as Chelsea
celebrating victory against Manchester united as Arsenal jubilated their score
for fun when they hammered wolveshampton four-one. Those sports stories look so
touching however my bosses around here only pay for musical articles.

the Agenze siege were Big size Bebe cool cried day and night for his princess
Zuena Kirema, another big name might also sweat plasma. News reaching our
tables reveal that the Ghetto president is in very big trouble after his dear Wife
(Barbie) learning that he has once more gotten another son in the United Kingdom.
In just a period of 5 months, Barbie has discovered that the wesotinge hero is
now fathering two young boys from the United Kingdom. Things are not moving on
smoothly for this Kamwokya couple as last week Barbie was admitted at May
Clinic wandegeya after fainting from their Gayaza home. Apparently the real
cause of her medical complications is not known even though a close and family
friend has it that Barbie’s fainting was a result of her learning of her
husband’s playerful acts.

to the above, Bobi wine personally revealed that his wife’s blacking out was as
a result of pregnancy complications. The Uganja President said that he was not
surprised by what had happened because his wife usually gets such difficulties
after 3-5months of pregnancy. Bobi also revealed that Barbie was carrying a
three months twin’s pregnancy. He went on to say that it was true that he was
the father of Simon Sentamu who stays in United Kingdom. Bobi stressed that
Barbie was not sick because of the London news because according to the Ghetto President,
Barbie is an understanding and intelligent woman who cannot separate or divorce
Bobi Wine because of young boy who happens to be their son.

also rubbished allegations that she would do what her friend (Zuena) did last year.
Barbie emphasized that she won’t separate from Bobi wine because the two have
come along way and that she would never let another woman occupy the wealth that
she and Bobi have worked for ruthlessly. In my own opinion, I believe our
Ghetto president needs more than one prayer because who knows what may be on
the front page of Hipipo tomorrow.

Wine/Barbie troubles. Baribie Sick and admitted for Bobi son issues

Legendary music promoter/ artist Tshaka Winston Mayanja wins October APA Award


TSHAKA Winston Mayanja, ‘Jazz’ and ‘Uganda’ were
rarely used in the same sentence until recently when he celebrated 20 years in
music in a show dubbed the MTN Jazz Safari ‘09.

For someone who had previously been known as reggae music’s best kept secret, and
a pioneer/veteran in international concerts promotions locally, Tshaka’s
successful switching of genres from reggae to jazz, where he has made a huge
impression already, earned him the UBL-sponsored Arts Press Association (APA)
award for October 2009.

Tshaka beat a veritable shortlist that included Miria Matembe for her book,
Woman in the Eyes of God; Reclaiming a Lost Identity, Charles Peter Mayiga for
the book, King on the Throne, Charles James Ssenkubuge, (Magumba play) and the
producers of the NTV local drama series Kakibe Ki.

“Honestly, this is the first ever local award I’ve received. I am honoured and
humbled,” Tshaka mayanja said.

He defended his journey into Jazz. “I am now into jazz music because it is the
epitome of all music. If you can conquer jazz with your instrument all the
other genres become easy.”

Bebe Cool also picked up his September award in absentia.
Steak Out bar, the venue for the ocassion, was alive with chatter and
excitement as the award coincided with the recently reloaded UTAKE night
sponsored by Uganda Waragi.
The ( APA) awards have been won in the past month by people like GNL , pastor
Bugembe, this is a honour awarded  to
people who make a significant contribution in a particular field  of Arts every month by Art press association.

Angela Kalule proves herself worthy behind the microphone


Thesmooth singer who most of us, have not seen hold a show on her own,put up a
very remarkable performance, Angela Kalule can be said to have successfully
pulled off her first concert at the Golf Course Hotel last Friday.
The run-up to the show had been as much a story of interest as of curiosity.
Being the sultry singer’s first ever solo show, there were a lot of
Now that the event was held,  Save for
the late start late at 9:00pm, two hours past the scheduled kick-off of 7:00pm,
the rest of the programme flowed smoothly.

From when MCs Patriko and Abbey Mukiibi flagged off the event, singing the
National and Buganda anthems, it was almost non-stop musical action to the end.
In that, time Angela’s fans filled the not-so-large hall.

Taking to the stage before Kalule were Annet Nandujja, Dr. Tee, Grace Nakimera
and Sweet Kid, who raised the mood in the house.

Backed by a group of instrumentalists from the different bands she has played
with over the years, Kalule performed track after track for over an hour. She
had two breaks between, in which opening acts Aziz Azion, Haruna Mubiru performed.

The voluptuous singer serenaded the crowd virtually most of her songs,
including the popular Akamuli, Ontwale. She also paid homage to her karaoke
roots by doing a number of American singer Alicia Key’s tracks.  The event was sponsored by club beer.

bobi de one


hi all bobi’s funs ova dere an a student at bsk and i do have a belief dat bobi is gonna take it all dis year

Ugandan Fashion Icon Sylvia Awori Celebrates 10 Years Of Fashion

Having been at this for a longtime, it was worth the celebration that saw Sylvia Awori put up a spectacular show as she celebrated 10 yrs in fashion show business last Sunday the 6th of December 2009 at the Kampala Serena Hotel.
With all the glamour, you could tell that no one has put up a show before like Sylvia Awori’s as she celebrated 10 years of fashion. She exhibited a hot and fantasy collection that closed the show.

The models hit the square-shaped runway in sheer undergarments and over the top creations of feathered and multi-coloured wings. The models included former Big brother contestants Maurice with the other boys and girls.
Fashion, ofcourse, was secondary in this collection but something about the elaborate costumes made it for spectacular viewing. When one of the models walked on in a tiny loin cloth and a whip in one hand, the crowd went wild.

In a two-hour fashion extravaganza that kicked off at 7:00 pm, Awori showcased three haute couture collections from her international runway shows this year .The organic collection from the Alta Roma show in Rome, the Pan African collection that she showcased in Algeria during the National Cultural Festival and the floral collection that she took to the Arise Africa Fashion Week in Johannesburg, South Africa in June.

The latter was by far the more superior with a blend of colour-fused, home grown organic cotton fabrics and prints and the more exotic satins and silks, which made a solid feminine collection.

Sylvia also displayed a ready-to-wear collection of party wear, office chic and evening gowns, which you can find in her stores. Sylvia Awori later came through at the climax and joined all her models on rails having applause from the crowd. The event was highly attended by the usual city A class party goers the likes of Roofing’s boss, the Chilly Gals and many more, proved that Sylvia Awori is a big force and a master in the fashion industry.
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Gera K Of Batabazi Launches 19th December


Batabazi In Uganda This Month

These Guys have for some good time now since 2005 made a great contribution to the Ugandan Music industry. They are truly Ugandan Ambassadors and are based in United States of America.

The Batabazi are a group of 5 Hip Hop Ugandan superstars that you can’t afford to miss watching live on stage performing in this festive season.

The Batabazi will be coming to Uganda about 10 days from now. They will be escorting Gera K a.k.a Gera Kiwanuka  a Ugandan Female Hip Hop and solo music Star who will be launching her album on 19th December , 2009 At Kasalina’s Restaurant ( Off Kampala Rd, Next To The Post Office)  starting at & Pm.

Gera K’s concert will feature Ugandan artists like Bebe Cool, Sweet Kid, Batabazi, David Lutaalo, Bella and many more..

Entry fee is 15,000/- shs Only

The Batabazi will also be performing at the Hip Hop Summit and at Bebe Cool's Family Show in Kiwatule on December 26th Boxing Day. They will then perform at the Club Silk Street Bash on The New Year's Eve.

Let’s All Be There