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Able 4 shoot Too close video.


Uganda’s new and promising RnB group Able 4 shot their video “Too close” last week. This single features a Kenyan versatile female singer Tonya. The video was shot by Badi films at a fee over and above two millions Ugandan shillings. It’s expected to be released in two weeks time. The splendid audio was recorded at First Love studios Ntinda in both Luganda and Kiswahili. Currently, Too close audio is already receiving plentiful air play on radio stations such as KFM, Sanyu, Capital and Kiss FM (Kenya).


 Able 4 has got other great hits such as Mambo, Rock with you, Mukwano and Take it higher. Tonya and Able 4 are all under First love records and are working on new projects that will see them cross boarders.


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Grace Nakimera Admitted After Acid Incident


The Kawonawo Ugandan female music star, popularly known for the 2005 Ani Akumanyi Hit with a few days to her first music concert Grace Nakimera‘s life was yesterday threatened for death after an unknown hooligan poured a hot liquid suspected to be acid at her face.

This was all at club silk street Jam, a few minutes after Grace Nakimera had performed. According to our reporters and eye witnesses, Grace Nakimera left stage for the back end to organize herself after serious disorganization as she was performing on stage. It was at the back stage that a man with some rare hair cut came with a tin containing a liquid and poured it at Grace Nakimera’s face.

Grace Nakimera’s Fans at the show and the police immediately came around to rescue her and it was at this point when they started beating off the liquid guy to a point of death and also poured the remaining liquid on his face. 

Grace Nakimera was then rushed to paragon health center and the thug to police where he was quizzed. According to reliable sources, the guy at police said he had been sent and paid by a group of music stars that we are also still investigating.

Fortunately, the liquid that was earlier suspected to be acid seemed to have been something else and Grace Nakimera was discharged from the health center between 11:00 am to 1:00pm today 2nd May 2, 2010.

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People Awards Hottest Videos, Buzz Poll, and Nominated new Videos For April


Many Ugandan new music videos get to the market every passing day, the quality of the videos keeps on improving and gets much promising. With most of the videos released in the past three months coming from Jah Live film factory, a big challenge goes to the formerly big household names in the video production industry Centrix, Badi to mention but a few.

Nominated video

People Awards nominates hottest new Ugandan videos every month and this month’s nominated music videos are Stamina Remix a song by Eddie Kenzo and video product of Jah Live film factory, Nawuliranga by Navio Ft Charles and Frida Ssonko produced and edited by Deddac, Omukwano Gunyuma by new female musician Samalie Matovu video done at Jah Live Film Factory, Ani song by Pastor Wilson Bugembe a video director by Bashir.

People Awards Top 5 Videos

People awards charts bring you the best results of the most popular Ugandan music videos as voted by fans, watched over the internet and exposed on TV stations. This month’s hottest news video as analyzed by HiPipo.com are Juliana Kanyomozi’s  – Kantambule Naawe in number one ,followed by Goodlyfe Radio and Weasel’s – Ngenda Maaso Video, Gnl Zamba Ft Blu 3 – Kakana, Vamposs Ft Goodlyfe ‘s – I Love You Tell Daddy Video , Eighton and Rain’s  – Papaali Video respectively.

The Hottest Buzz Poll

People awards Buzz Polls feature the Music and HiPipo.com fans. Buzz polls represent the people’s opinion and choice. A number of questions have been running under the buzz polls for the past 30 days with the leading polls as the richest Ugandan musician poll. A question, “Who is Uganda’s Richest Musician” was put up with option answers as Bobi Wine , Jose Chameleone , Geoffrey Lutaaya, and Mesach Ssemakula. People’s opinion slightly defer from our research findings a few weeks back that revealed Bobi Wine as the richest Ugandan Musician. According to the buzz polls results, Dr. Jose Chameleone comes in number one with 131 votes taking over 52 percent.  Check out for the Buzz Polls and participate more, let’s share opinion.

Red Banton Is Back With A Controversial Hit Song Balogo.


After a long silence the man Red Burton, who brought us hits like Nonya money many years ago, he once was admired by even the best artists today like Jose Chameleone then. At one time Red Banton was named Ugandan King of rhymes something that even made people like veteran Ragga Dee envy him.

Though his carrier at one time looked crippled, this time he looks like he is back in business with even a better and mature sound in his new controversial song Balogo.

In this song Red Banton compares musicians and people in the music business to witch doctors.

Red Banton narrates that just like witch doctors, artists are paid money to be seen. Red Banton goes on to mention some of the successful artists names something that has angered some artists but Red Banton too mentions his name and all his peers. The song that has quickly got popular in the public, on local radio stations and night spots may get him back or even more to the glory that he once was. 

Red Banton a Ugandan dancehall artist says he has a number of new projects with artists like Moses radio and Weasel and many others. Red Banton says this year he is claiming his spot in the Ugandan music fraternity because he has been there. Red Banton shot a colorful music video for the song balogo with what you can call the new crown prince of video production JAHLIVE and the sky is the limit for Red Him. Check Out for balogo video only here at www.hipipo.com . 

Uganda’s 2009 ends in style:


After the second Bobi Wine versus Bebe Cool encounter at One love beach and Kiwatule respectively on the 26th of December, many thought that majority of party animals would not be colored enough to celebrate end of year parties. This is so because both Kiwatule and One love shows sold out to maximum. After the Kiwatule show, Extra size Bebe Cool looked humbled because of the huge turn up while The Ghetto president was overwhelmed because of the mega turn up at Busabala based one love Beach.

Contrary to our predictions, revelers proved us wrong as they turned up in extra ordinary numbers to close 2009 and usher in 2010.Most of the two years events organized sold out to maximum. We at HIPIPO are privileged to bring to you a detailed report of all that happened on 31st December. Within Kampala, more than five concerts were held and these included The Enkuuka Yo Mwaka at Lubiiri, UG-mix dance party at Sheraton, MR.DJ concert at Hotel Africa, Bye-bye 2009 at Super Paradise, Fire in the City at Kasanga plus a very huge list of GODLY events that were held at KPC,Kololo airstrip,Nakivubo stadium and Namboole stadium.

To begin with is The Enkuka YO Mwaka of CBS and Jomayi at Lubiiri.For the past three years, Enkuka has always been the peoples’ number one event for ushering in a new year. Even though CBS stayed off air, its fans were not in any way stopped from attending this mega function. An estimated 30000 fans were there to bless the show. Among the many that witnessed the Muziira Mubaziira Enkuuka ceremony included His Majesty The Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi and His cabinet led by Katikiiro Eng.JB Walusimbo.By 9:00a.m, people had already started  booking clear view points for Enkuuka Yo Mwaka. However serious parting started in the dark as fans got high and danced their heads off. As usually most of the top names musically were there to entertain the CBS diehards. Jose Chameleone and the Leone Island crew did so while presenting songs such as Bayuda, Chami-Techenology and Basima Ogenze.However it was Bobi wine and his Uganja Republic that stole the show. Dressed in semi army attires and T-shirts, the Ghetto squad arrived in Lubiiri amidst cheers from its fans. These guys looked so high as they continuously filled the atmosphere with toxic gases from different kinds of drugs that the crew Smoked to usher in 2010.On stage Bobi Wine performed perfectly well as he sang his superb hits such as Carolina, Muras and Wesotinge which left the fans yelling for more. Well organized Fireworks were also part of the Enkuuka YO Mwaka celebrations. Party went on till 5:00am of 1st January, 2010.

At Silk Street jam it was of course the same story. By 8:00pm, the industrial area based night spot was filled to maximum.  So many fans dressed in all sorts of attires attended in person. People drank till down plus dancing as if it was the end of the road. Live performances from local artists were timely as they left all party goers satisfied. The performers of the night included Bebe Cool who jumped on stage and performed without a shirt with his Gagamel crew. When it clocked 12:00a.m, fireworks were sparked off but most of the revelers at the Club Silk street jam took long to recognize the fire works because of the super art that was being exhibited on the stage by the likes of Bebe Cool,Kidfox and Cindy.

Fire in the city at Didi’s world Kasanga also sold out dearly with so many fans from within and around Ggaba.They were entertained by the likes Of Ronald Mayinja, Gerald Kiweewa and Extra size Bebe Cool. The night was characterized by Booze and massive fireworks that left many demanding for more.

Another very huge number of people ushered in 2010 from Sheraton gardens during the UG-mix dance party organized by Radio one, Radio two and Uganda Waragi.The show went for 10000 general happiness and 100000 for VIP seats. As usually, the UG-mix dance party was more of a family show that was so much attended by those who moved together with their families. True art and cool entertainment was provided by our very local artists such as GNL, Chameleone and Bobi Wine. It was at this very show that Jose Chameleone once again re-united with Bobi Wine after a misunderstanding three weeks back during the Beeniman tour. The heavyweight doctor and The Ghetto president were seen holding themselves so tight as they said bye bye to 2009 and ushering in 2010.

The Mr.DJ concert at hotel Africana was another blessing for the night. Even though Mr.DJ concert cannot be compared to the Nyambura concert, those that had their new year from Africana had a good time.  Artists that blessed the night included The Goodlife crew, Swangz Avenue, GNL zamba, Navio, Sizza-man, KS Alpha and Talent 256.This event was organized by Balaam, Fenon records and sponsored by Mountain Dew.

However even though most shows registered big numbers, it were the Churches that won the race.Citing evidence from the Uganda motto “FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY”, an estimated 0.5million people attended the different Christian events to usher in 2010.The most attended prayers were at Namboole (70000), Nakivubo (50000), Kololo (50000) and KPC (10000).All these servants of God were entertained by the likes of Exodus, Crystal Fabulous, Judith Babirye, Martin Saku and Wilson Bugembe.

2009:Uganda’s twenty hottest hits:


2009 was generally a good year for Uganda's music characterized by the rise of new talent with nice vocals, better performances and a general improvement in music videos produced by the likes of Centrix, Badi and Mudestal. From 1st January to 31st December, our unstoppable eye witnessed whatever transpired in the entire year. All sorts of good music was produced and our readers voted for their best 20 as shown below from song number twenty to song one.

                 The Hottest Ugandan hits in the year 2009

Bebe Cool Coming Home Soon


2008 PAM awards male artist of the year Bebe Cool is expected to return to Kampala in a few weeks from now.  Bebe Cool together with his family traveled to America at the start of September.

Big Size Bebe Cool’s primary reason for going to America was to work on his complete recovery. Remember that Bebe together with his Gagamel crew members were shot by a trigger angry policeman on January/29th. The injuries sustained had since kept the Gagamel president in the wheel chair for a whole eight months.

Today; Bebe Cool and his family are doing so well in America. The Kasepiki star can now stand, walk and even jog though he emphasizes that he has not completely recovered.

Appearing on a recorded video clip on a local Television station a few days back, Bebe Cool thanked all his friends and fans for the support and promised them the best. He said: “am coming back home to start from where I stopped. Am coming back to sing to my best and also kick all those that come in my way”

In America, Bebe Cool is not only attending to his medication but also working harder musically. He has already shot two videos for ‘Big Size’ and ‘Till U love me’ singles that he will release when he returns home.

Bebe Cool has also held a fleet of shows in different states of America. Over the weekend, he performed in San Francisco and Boston while next weekend he will perform in Washington DC.

Today, Ssunda video has been released and already circulating in all parts of Kampala. As soon as he returns, Bebe Cool will be expected to release four more videos. These include Let it rain, Topoowa, Till u love me and Big size.

Keep here for details about Bebe Cool, Gagamel crew and all his upcoming projects. Get ready for all the full details of Bebe Cool’s forthcoming Big Size concert only on this site.

Tusker Project Fame; 4 Ladies on Probation. Juveh Fired


Four ladies were yesterday put on probation in Tusker Project Fame season four. Even though all the contestants performed well, the rule of the house is that every week some contestants must be on probation as decided by the judges.

Before reading out the names of those on probation, the three judges were given some time to give their general verdict in regards to yesterday’s performances.

“I just wish we could not have anyone on probation this week, because everyone has greatly improved,” Judge Juliana Kanyomozi concluded.

Contrary to Judge Juliana, Kenyan Judge Ian Mbugua was disappointed with all the participants’ performance for the week. In his own words Ian stated; “If it was upon me to fire and put on probation, everyone in the TPF house today would be on probation.”

“You can’t be performing at 90% quality in the past week and reduce to 80% in the next week, I am disappointed.” He added.

For Judge Hermes, MC Mich, music director R.K and the academy teachers, it was only about encouraging all participants to work harder as they all confessed that all participants have ability to be superstars for season 4.

Unlike many other previous probation days in tusker project fame, everyone was so quiet this time as four ladies were put on probation.

Those on probation this week are Gaheru, Palek, Leah and Lady Gaga.It’s now up to you the fans to save any of the competitors by sending sms to tusker numbers. Gaheru  is number 1, Palek is number 12, Leah is number 3, and Lady Gaga is number 8. 

Meanwhile, Juveh was on Saturday evicted from Tusker Project Fame house.

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People Awards Video Charts Week 44; Whistle by Locomotive All Stars is Number 1


Barely 4 days since this video got on HIpipo.com; Whistle is already topping the people awards charts. This new video from the Locomotive All stars has had a very warm welcome from hipipo.com fans and subscribers worldwide.  Over ten stars feature in Whistle under the Locomotive umbrella. These are; Vampino, Rabadaba, Navio, GNL, MUN G, Radio, Cindy, Weasel, Mr.X, Davis and Viboyo.

Nick Nola and Bella’s I love The Way has finally climbed the chart. Today, this high quality RnB video from Nicky Nola and dancehall queen Bella is second. Here is the full list of the top 5 videos on People Awards Charts Week 44;

1. Whistle by Locomotive All Stars.

2. I love The Way by Nick Nola and Bella

3. Heart Attack vuvuzela by Moses Radio and Weasel

4. Ma Ladies by Eighton and Raineman

5. Guli Pure by Pita Nawe.

Remember that the People Awards charts are 100% powered by the people. The more times you watch, comment or share your chosen video, the higher the chances of it appearing in the top 5 videos of that particular week.

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Ragga Dee Celebrating Twenty Two Years Of Music


Uganda’s veteran singer Ragga Dee aka Kazibwe Daniel is going to celebrate Twenty Two years of Professional music during his Mono Mono Move concert that is expected to take place on 16th July at KCC Lugogo ground. Even though his Mono Mono Move concert date is colliding with Mega Dee’s Ina De Dance Concert, the Kazeeke star is not bothered.

 Speaking to a local media establishment, The Grandfather of Musicians Ragga Dee accentuated that he had chose the date and venue for his Mono Mono Move Concert a year back and he was not willing to make adjustments on his already designed program. Prior to this, a lot of rumor has been moving around town alleging that Ragga Dee had chose his Mono Mono Move Concert dates after knowing about General Mega Dee’s Ina De Dance Concert.  According to Ragga Dee, Mono Mono Move concert is part of his World Music Tour that will also see him perform in more than five European Countries. Ragga Dee’s last concert was Kazeeke Album Launch that was held two years back at Hotel Africana. He currently has more than eight songs on his Mono Mono album such as Stranger, Mono Mono and Yegwe.

With both Ragga Dee and Mega Dee not willing to reach a compromise, it will be you the music fans to choose on either KCC Lugogo grounds or Kyadondo Rugby grounds come 16th July. See you there

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