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Over Ten Ugandan Musicians To Perform At The Conventions


A few months back, Kuklee Ali won both the Best Artist and Song of the Year Awards in the London Eco Media Awards. The song of the Year was Nalulungi a duet Kuklee did with Mc Moseh.

With hits such as Am Sorry featuring Amarula family, Nkwagala featuring Myco Chris, Yegwe, Zino Enaku alongside OJ Myco and Goodlyfe, Nalulungi and Eyajja alongside Kid fox and Chizzo already on his name, it was on no account an accident for Kuklee to walk away with these accolades.

In tonight’s Ugandan Musicians based in the Diaspora segment, read about Kuklee’s full profile in his own words;

I am a Ugandan born RnB/ Soul singer based in the United Kingdom. I realized that I enjoyed singing at an early age of ten years. I first got into music professionally when I met Steve Jean, Menton Summer (RIP) and Shanks Vivid who took me to Bava Studios. At the time I also started singing at Sabrina's Pub. After a while I moved to the United Kingdom where I am working and doing my music from.

Most of my family is back in Uganda and are both supportive and proud of the work I am doing here. A few months ago my father passed away and this was a huge loss to me, but it has given me motivation to strive and really understand the real me.

I attended Old Kampala Primary school and Progressive Secondary School. Soon after completing secondary school, I left Uganda and traveled to the United Kingdom for greener pastures.

A few months back, I was nominated in the Eco Media Awards. It was a great honor to be nominated for the Eco Media Awards, and I appreciate the fans who took time to vote for me. It meant a lot to be the recipient of 2 awards, Artist of the Year and Best Song Feature. I have worked hard to contribute positively to the music industry both in the UK and at home.

I need to say that it is so good to see that Ugandan Artists are flourishing and doing so well unlike the days when we had just started. It is a great honour when different artists say that I am part of what inspired them in music, especially vocalists; just the same way I am privileged to showcase Ugandan music in the United Kingdom.

Uganda has a lot of great talent here (UK) and it’s great for us to finally start getting some recognition, especially from back home. My dream is to see Ugandan artists from all over the world work together to build a better Uganda. Let’s put our differences aside and unite for a better cause.

That’s Kuklee for. Get ready for next week’s Ugandan musician based in the Diaspora. It might be your favorite long distance singer.

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One On One With New Ugandan Rapper Gramz Disaster


Born Kimera Philip Gregory, Gramz Disaster is the new multi-talented Rapper in town. With hits such as Make Me Shine and Kagobako, the sky is the only limit for this fresh talent. Our crew sat down with Gramz Disaster and this is what we got for you.

HiPipo.com: Yooh Tsup

Gramz: Nothing much! Life is dope.

HiPipo.com: How have your been

Gramz: Too busy, takin on this hustle the way am supposed to.

HiPipo.com: Gramz Disaster is your name. What does it mean?

Gramz: Gramz is a combination of alphabets that make up my three names (Kimera Philip Gregory) and Disaster is just a title from my fans for what I spit on these records.

HiPipo.com: Great. How is the Hip-hop battle treating you?

Gramz: Haa…Ha, am putting the battle at a fair play, because right now my name is rising at a very fast rate. All Hip-hoppers should get ready for me

HiPipo.com: When did you start doing music?

Gramz: I Started music in 2008, but just underground. Officially, I represented in 2009 that’s when I dropped Make Me Shine. I pushed on with publicity and shot the video early January 2010.

HiPipo.com: How many songs have you recorded and released so far?

Gramz: Right now,am having 6 tracks of which 4 are new, am releasing them to the public very soon.

HiPipo.com: Which of those is your best song?

Gramz: As it pertains that, I would precisely say “Make me shine” because it’s my first single that me myself I felt and it has gained me a lot of publicity and respect not only from my fans but also from big artists. But I like all my songs because I don’t release stuff that I don’t feel.  Read more..


Bobi Wine Hates Seeing Two Musicians Launching On The Same Day


The outspoken Ghetto President Bobi Wine was a few days back overheard by our own snoops speaking about the rising behaviour of musicians staging big concerts on the same date. As we earlier reported, General Mega Dee and the Grandfather of Ugandan musicians Ragga Dee who both happen to be friends with Bobi Wine are going to race for fans come 16th July at Kyadondo Rugby and KCC Lugogo grounds respectively.


According to the Ghetto President, it’s so unfair for musicians to launch on the same day. Bobi Wine stresses that this deprives music fans from the opportunity of supporting two different musicians. Unfortunately, this unreasonable behaviour was brought to life last year when Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool decided to have their album launches on the same day 2nd October 2009. Defensively, Bobi Wine said that it’s always the event organisers that make such engagement possible.


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Dr.Hilderman in Amelia Live Concert This July


After a number of hit singles and albums, the Double bed, Campus gal and Kampe hits Ugandan music superstar Dr.Hildreman is now set for a live concert.  Amelia Live concert will take place on Friday 2nd July 2010 at Kati Kati restaurant. This concert will see Dr.Hildreman performing a number of his new and old hits such as Campus gal, Double, Amelia, Mr.Matama and many more.

Dr. Hilderman will be escorted to Kati Kati by some of Uganda’s hottest and most eminent celebrities such as H.E Bobi Wine with Kataala and Mr. money alongside the entire firebase crew, Mesach Ssemakula, Geoffrey Lutaaya, Maureen Nantume, the legendary Luga flow star GNL Zamba, Eddy Kenzo the Stamina hit star, Leila, Cindy ayokya yokya, Omukwano Gunyuma star Samalie Matovu, Henry Tigan, DJ Michael, Sweet Kid, Amarula Family and many others.

Entrance fee for Amelia Live concert at Kati Kati restaurant will be 30,000 shillings for V.I.P and 10,000 for the fans.

Dr Hilderman will then push Amelia concert to Kamengo sports grounds on Saturday 3rd July and finally to Ssese Gateway beach Sunday 4th July for 5,000 Ugandan shillings.  

According to  Renah Sebata(event promoter) , the concert is organized and sponsored by Silk events and Dmark Power.

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Henry Tigan sends ex-promoter to hell in Mr.Matama


“Bold is the head, some boy has got no wisdom in the head so we don’t wonder about what comes out of his head”, These and more are the concrete words Henry Tigan uses to express his tear-jerking feeling about his ex-promoter. Apparently, Henry Tigan believes that his former promoter instead of paving their way to success was in his place plotting Tigan’s down fall. When you watch Mr.Matama video, you won’t stop pleasing the director of this new peace of work. It’s script directly reflects Henry Tigan’s gloomy feeling.

In this song Mr.Matama featuring Hilderman, Henry Tigan passes on a very tough message to his ex promoters who he accuses of wrong doing and failing his music plans. According to the song lyrics, Tigan’s former promoters were hungry beings that only aimed at empting Henry Tigan without paying for his full attachment to their company.

Dr. Hilderman also goes ahead to express his disappointment to this so called music promoter. In the last verse of the song, Tigan is heard saying, “…..Suudi boy, God should punish the Satan believer…………………..  Hell is the only place for this man, Rest in peace dirty boy”. So irritated indeed.

After Henry Tigan expressing his detest for his ex-bosses, all music promoters should take utmost care in whatever business they are doing with our dear musicians else we shall have more Mr.Matamas.

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Desire Luzinda and Shamir Unplugged At Club Silk.


It was on Thursday 29th April that these two talented Male and Female Ugandan musician Desire Luzinda and Shamir a.k.a Kimera Sengendo  American Ugandan respectively had their chance to do it live for their fans.  At an event that was well attended, as usual organized and sponsored by Club beer and hosted at Club silk. A lot of talent was exhibited by Desire Luzinda.

The session started at about 10:00pm with the band group testing their ability and get ready for the artists of the day to get on stage.

Shamir did over 8 songs live most of which are from his people change music album.  Desire Luzinda also performed her hits songs like Nkomyewo, Nyumirwanyo and many others.

The greatest cheering was at the time when Desire was performing. The next unplugged session will take place on Thursday 27th April 2010.

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Smirnoff Rave Street Jam at Club Silk


Saturday 1st May 2010 labor day Night saw lots of actions both good and miserable. At one of Kampala’s hottest happening joints club silk was a serious well organized and attended street bash that was hosted in the parking yard.

The show that started at around 9:00pm in the night till 1:00am Sunday morning was a great success, with a number of great performances and fans ovation. It was also at this show that the Kawonawo star Grace Nakimera’s life was threatened after a thug poured some liquid at her face.

HiPipo.com was around from point A – Z of the show and it was truly an interesting one that saw Ugandan hot musicians like Cindy ayokya yokya, Grace Nakimera the Onyambanga Mukama celebrity, Raba Daba the Bwekiri star, Eddie Kenzo who has a new high ranking tune and video Stamina remix, Vamposs of Swangz Avenue plus Goodlyfe crew’s Superstar Diamond Oscar and Gift of Kaddo.

Most notably were the hot, tightly dressed Maisha dancers who boosted the show with cool new dance styles till late.

The rain was most annoying that day as it tried drizzling for several times but no fan could leave since the show was getting hottest every passing moment. Grace Nakimera was the last artist to perform at the Street Jam.

Thereafter music fans started dancing to the tunes mixed by DJ Ivan and DJ Shiru who were in a video and audios mixing competition respectively.

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The East South African R n B Duo


Africa Get Ready!!!

It’s the first of its kind music group on the African continent. Formed on a strong foundation backed by talent. Two African countries are now meeting for music, to form group that will promote talent and togetherness. UZ47 in the newest music duo in Africa composed of Ugandan and Zambian R n B stars Toniks formerly of 256 and Roberto the 2009 Song of the year winner in Zambia who is also General Ozzy's young brother. The group UZ47 is an R n B DUO blending two cultures with a mixture of languages like Luganda, Swahili, Bemba plus Nyanja from Zambia. Though most lyrics are in English it’s the merge that makes this one the most promising music group to come out of Africa.

The Ten track album that is primed for release by end of April has tracks like Swag Meter, Sunset Girl, baby wanga, Nizachita bwanji and many more. The album features artist like General Ozzy the artist behind the songs Potential and Take my heart which feature Radio and Weasel from Uganda, Ty2 plus Ugandan Moses Radio and Weasel from the goodlyfe crew.

During a one on one talk with Zambian artist Roberto, he confirmed that the first single set for release in the second week of April is a song called Baby wanga sang in English, Luganda and Nyanja. The wanga also features Zambian artist Ty2.

The music album was recorded in Lusaka Zambia at Sling Beats when Moses Radio, Weasel TV, Toniks, Cindy and producer Washington travelled to Zambia to attend General Ozzy's album launch in Lusaka. It was due to this meeting that the Africa UZ47 duo was formed with intentions of hitting Africa to the greatest heights.

This meeting also brought to life a new Radio and Weasel song featuring Zambian artist Roberto and Cindy ayokya yokya from Uganda. Producer Washington Harmony recorded the song on the Night of General Ozzy‘s Launch.

Producer Washington also produced a number of tracks on the R n B duo album along with producer Chali Braco the founder of Sling Beats studio in Zambia.

The group UZ47 has already had invitations to perform in South Africa, Nigeria and in Europe by midyear where they are expected to perform on a number of shows and concerts.

The UZ47 duo (Toniks and Roberto) album is titled Assault. Toniks has also done other collaborations with South African artists like Gal Level from Namibia.

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An Interview with Nince Henry


When you think age and experience are the most important factors to get you doing quality, sometimes many things prove you wrong. Well music is one field in this world where very many young musician have emerged superstars with no experience but when they are just inspired by talent and self trust. This young 24 year old multi lingual lucky Ugandan musician, song writer and instrumentalist makes you wonder how GOD does HIS things. In a little while when he had written one song at his school to help his house win in a singing competition, this great  talented song writer was sighted by a popular Ugandan musician then Chris Wajadi who requested him to write a song that eventually became a hit. His name is Nince Henry. HiPipo.com and People Awards are obligated to promoting East African music products, today we bring you a one on one interview with Nince Henry who has written great hit songs for Ugandan Top musicians like Bebe Cool, Iryn Namubiru, Chris Wajjaddi, Juliana Kanyomozi, Eddy Yawe, Chizzo and many others. Read more about Nince Henry’s interview with HiPipo.com