Hip-Hop Artiste KIZAZA YEYO Shares New Song: A Who Is Who Reply called ‘’ IN THE CULTURE ‘’.

    The first ever ‘Who Is Who’ reply in English was produced by Zulitums who has worked with some of the industry prominent musicians in the past, including rapper Navio and the video produced by Mago Industries.

    Dropped on April 24th, If you listen to the track carefully the Kampala based refugee rapper is bringing up the real old school Hip-hop vibe with whatever comes with it blending in some French and Lingala, delivering one punch line after the other lines straight from the beginning, spitting hard rhymes loaded with hints rather than simply enjoying the beat. The song is parental advisory though.

    Following his Must Watched Talent HiPipo Music Award win last year, Kizaza Yeyo went back underground performing live shows and allegedly working on his upcoming album, until when last month the rapper broke the silence with the news of another upcoming project; a new single featuring Navio called ‘’ Give Me This World ’’, set to drop on a later date.

    Watch The Video on HiPipo

    Who Is Who (In The Culture) – Kizaza

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