Levixone is a vastly talented Ugandan gospel musician who sings reggae, RnB and soul.

    Born Lubyogo Sam Lucas and popularly known as Levixone, he is the first born of ten children, the only one who doesn’t share a father with the other nine siblings.

    His name Levixone comes from Leviticus in the Bible where Levi stands for Leviticus and the Xone stands for 1tym.

    Levixone grew up with his mother and step father in Kosovo, Lungujja, a Kampala Suburb. He attended St Joseph Mapeera Primary School in Kisubi from P.1 to P.5, but dropped out when his step father declined to pay his school fees.

    Levixone later escaped from home. He met “Tickie Tah” of Gagamel Entertainment, Crystal Fabulous and the Late Mac Elvis who played a major role in raising his career as a musician. He met a benefactor shortly after who paid for his school fees through primary and secondary. He is currently a student of music at ECO University in Nairobi.

    He has been nominated twice in the Prestigious HiPipo Music Awards and performed alongside great African names such as Mafikizolo at Blankets and Wines in September 2016.

    Levixone has released songs such as Passport, Noonya omu, Niwewe, Kangende Noono, Hope and Edoboozi among others.

    He was part of the team that crafted and voiced the official We Believe Uganda Cranes Song alongside Esther Nabaasa. A video production challenge for the same song followed thereafter and Koncepts and Sakyas crafted video won multi million from MTN for the We Believe Challenge.

    Levixone has collaborated with Bebe Cool, Coco Finger, Mun G and Jackie Chandiru on a gospel album he called ‘Year of connection’.

    “Much of my music is a life testimony to the youth and I think every situation I have passed through some youth are facing. I make sure my music is my gospel to them,” Says Levixone.