Kabuye Ssemboga

Kabuye Ssemboga is a multi-talented Vocalist, composer saxophonist and lead guitarist. Kabuye began his musical journey in primary singing in the school choir. His keenness and passion for music propelled him to continue learning music theory as subject in Nyana Seminary. He picked the interest of playing a guitar at a tender age and slowly began to master the skill. While at Rubaga Boys, he joined a school band identified as eclipse.

In 1978, he joined Mascots band of the great late Elly Sham Wamala. He spent 10 years in Mascots band and this is where Kabuye Semboga bred as a professional musician, in the early years he sang copyright music of different genres ranging from Lingala, soul, reggae, RnB and more.

Through the Mascot Band training, Kabuye slowly began to discover himself and began writing and composing his songs. He composed songs such as “Saba, Saba” which earned him a cultural tour in Tanzania. Kabuye Ssemboga today performs as a solo artist on major concerts. He describes his music as Reggae Lover’s rock and draws his inspiration from the late Lucky Dube, Johnny Mash and Jimmy Cliff.


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