Jehovah Shalom


    Jehovah Shalom is a Group of 6 multi-talented men of Seventh day Adventist Background all with different Professions with a few still studying at University.

    Jehovah Shalom members sing these voices respectively

    • Baritone: Wasswa Brighton (Professional Teacher)
    • Alto: Kato Samuel, (Clinical Officer)
    • Tenor: Luyima Jose (Bio chemist Student at Makerere University Kampala)
    • Lead1: Kyagulanyi Elijah (Enrolled Nurse & Midwife)
    • Lead2: Wasswa James (Farmer, does Fisheries still studying)
    • Bass: Asaph Sembubbu (Natural Woofer, professional Teacher)

    Several members of Jehovah Shalom started their Acapella business Way back in Primary School, Resumed in High School and this is when they got serious.

    Jehovah Shalom has sang at different Churches, weddings, introductions, and are the self-proclaimed Best Acapella Group in SDA church, they were lucky to be part of the first ever Acapella music nomination and recognition at the 5th HiPipo Music Awards.

    All Jehovah Shalom songs are originally written by the group members.

    The group accredits Kyagulanyi Elijah who wrote their latest Jangu Jaali Song and Jose Luyima who organized it.