Elly Wamala


    Elly Wamala was so much loved and will always be loved. A great singer , song writer and instrumentalist that drove minds of music fans crazy. Up to now and many years to come, thousands of people search and will still search for Elly Wamala’s music. For it’s great quality and the lively messages in his lyrics. Elly Wamala fathered other great Ugandan musicians like gospel Phiona Musaka. His contemporary world Ugandan pop music is irreplaceable. Elly Wamala along with late friend Jimmy Katumba (R.I.P) changed so much about Ugandan music.

    Elly Wamala won the Lifetime Achievement award,(PAM)

    Elly Wamala, died when he was 69 years old in Mulago Hospital where He wasvbattling with Diabetes and Intestinal Cancer.

    Elly Wamala sang songs like Nkole Mpakase, Sacramento,’Kaama Katono, Nga Bwekolanga, Ebinyumu Ebyaffe and his last biggest hit Boda Boda.’

    Elly Wamala was buried in Mugongo, Kyengera.

    May His Soul Rest in Enternal Peace.