Eighton And Raineman

Real name Moses Kalanda, born in Luwero district in the suburbs of Busiika; Eighton started music right after he completed school in 2006, with Clever J under Pro-line promotions where he released songs like Namufunye, Senga and many others.In 2008, he gave music a break, rebranded and went back to the studio and recorded Kiwoko, Rain man escorted him to studio and when he realized that the song could become a hit, he requested Eighton to allow him to add a verse.

The two joined Gagamel entertainment in November 2008 where they spent one and a half years. From there, they recorded songs like ma ladies, Ani president, Ina di club, Matta and many others.

They left Gagamel early 2011 because they wanted to stand on their own and started a crew called Money makers that lasted for one year and thereafter, the duo chose to pursue solo careers.

Rain decided to continue running Money makers and Eighton formed his own crew called Da good Money brothers.

Eighton’s first songs after the splitting were impossible and Chali WO. Eighton has so far done one collaboration with Esther Ssemugenyi; a Ugandan musician based in Canada, the song is titled Ekiwubaalo remix.

Eighton and Raineman came to the real limelight in 2010 following the release of their most selling single ‘Kiwoko’. This song was a response to Moses Radio, Weasel and Rabadaba’s Ability. In brief, the continuous wars between Bebe Cool and Goodlyfe gave birth to Eighton and Raineman. Prior to this, Eighton had tried doing music with songs such as Namufunye which failed to capture the crowd. Riding on their hit Kiwoko, Bebe Cool officially ushered them as the latest Gagamel crew recruits. With the unstop backing of Bebe Cool, these boys became new stars in Uganda’s music industry. Unfortunately, after one and half years, Bebe Cool refused to renewal their Gagamel crew contracts. With nowhere to go, Eighton and Raineman formed their music group ‘The Money Makers’. Minus Kiwoko, they have other songs such as Mr. DJ, Papali, My Ladies and Ngatto Zo.


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