Cindy aka Cinderella Sanyu started doing professional music in 2004. This was at the Coca Cola Pop star contest. Cindy together with Jackie Chandiru and Lillian Mbabazi won this competition. On winning, the contest sponsors united these three young stars together under one group that was named Blu*3. At Blu*3, Cindy established herself as a great singer and dancer for more than five years. At that time, Blu*3 was the best all girls group in East Africa. In late 2008, some misunderstandings cropped up in this lyrical strong girls cluster. These disagreements forced Cindy to leave Blu*3 and started afresh. This incidence marked the genesis of her solo career. As of today, Cindy doesn’t have any regrets for quitting Blu*3 as her solo career is so far so good. In 2009, she won Diva artist of the year with her irresistible hit Ayokyayokya. Cindy is on the list of the top ten female musicians in Uganda.


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