Buka Man

Ssekyanzi Hassan a.k.a Buka man (stage name) was born in 1987 by the Lt Ssekyanzi Erius and Ssekyanzi Aisha of Kyotera, Rakai. He started schooling when he was 3 years in an Islamic school called Mpugwe Shariat located at Masaka. He later went to Kyotera central Primary school, joined senior one at Nserester Vocational secondary School located in Nyendo Masaka, Sacred Heart Kiteredde located at Kyotera up to senior four and completed his A level at Masaka Secondary school in 2007. Buka Man joined Ndejje University in 2008 studying Business Computing and Business Management.
Buka Man started his music career when he was in senior two.
Buka Man is a dancer, singer and self song writer doing dancehall, ragga and rap music currently.
In his senior six vacation Buka Man used to go out in bars asking for a one song mime opportunity for which some agreed people and others used to throw him out. Buka Man didn’t give up and until the day when he was performing at Punchline Makerere Kavule and was approached by Messe (one of the Amarula family members) who started helping him in different ways. Messe introduced Buka Man to his Dancing group called Ama Dancers and he stayed with them for a while, doing a lot of shows together in different parts of the country.


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