Blu 3


    Formed as Blu*3, this all girls group was in 2009 turned into Blu 3.This was after the departure of one of its pioneer members Cindy aka Cinderella Sanyu. From the start, Blu 3 was made up of three Beautiful Ladies from Uganda. After the departure of Cindy, Mya original name Edith Baganda was recruited. Mya together with Jackie Chandiru and Lillian Mbabazi made up Blu 3. However, ever since their transformation from Blu*3 to Blu 3, this group has continuously declined. In 2010, two of its members Mya and Lillian went for maternity leaves living Jackie Chandiru alone. She pushed on with music as a solo musician and this proved pretty a successful adventure. Today, the actual fate of Blu 3 is not known even though Lillian and Mya are back from their maternity leaves.