Avon Baby


    Growing up in a hip-hop community, A-von started by miming songs done by such hip hop artists as Outcast, Eminem, Snoop Dogg and KRS one but later started to write his own music. His major inspiration in today’s hip hop world is Drake Aubrey of young money, Eminem, Lil Wayne and T.I. “Today’s hip hop world is changing so u better change with it, a new custom made style is all u need to break loose on this genre” says A-von.
    His versatility coupled with lyrical prowess makes him one of the most prolific Hip Hop artistes on the Ugandan and Thai landscapes. He is working on his debut album “confessions of a kyeyo Beater, and mixtape “Music owenjawulo” at the moment.
    Based in Bangkok, Thailand, A-von has worked with some of Thailand’s production power houses like GMM Grammy and celebrity artists like “Vietrio”. He’s also worked with heavy weight Hip hop Producer Eiad of Stereotype production who has produced Thailand’s biggest names Like B the Star, Vietrio and Star 6(2010). A-von thinks his world is just beginning today…..”When I’m done with this album and mixtape, you’ll definately know who I be if ya dont”.
    He promises nothing but the best of the best… Here to change the hip hop scene in Ug and how music is written and delivered, he says his style is an “Avon-Lution” simply meaning “Avon is change”
    With Two tracks already hitting Ugandan radio airwaves, you can tell Avon is up to a quick steady rise. Noonya Bano, and Ndi Muka Nyo are two club bangers that have caught people by storm.