I have a crush on Sheebah and Vanessa Mdee, Zambia Superstar Roberto AmaRulah, reveals.


Our Reporter.

Zambia superstar, Roberto Banda aka Mr. AmaRulah has today – 6th October 2017 interacted with his digital first fans via a HiPipo Facebook Live video.

In this live video interview, watched across the world, Roberto noted that he has a brand new album titled Superstar including several singles and collaborations with Patoranking, Vanessa Mdee, General Ozzy, and Ricky Panton among others.

However, on a very light note, when asked about his celebrity crush, Roberto noted that he has a thing for Sheebah Karungi and Tanzania star Vanessa Mdee.

Below are some of his full responses.

Roberto Zambia – Banda | This Live chat took place on Friday 6th October at 2:08 PM Ugandan time on HiPipo Facebook page.

What were you worst subjects at school?

In the beginning, I didn’t like Mathematics. Maybe because my teacher then was so aggressive. But in my last years of high school I realized that Mathematics is something that is fundamental in life. You can’t make money without knowing how to count. My other worst subject was Afrikaans while studying in South Africa.

Who is your celebrity crush?

I have a crush on Vanessa Mdee. I think she is really beautiful. Also Kidima. If you know her tell her. From Uganda, it is Sheebah. She is special.

Who is your favourite Ugandan Artiste?

I have worked with Allan Toxic and he is really amazing. Radio and Weasel are great. Sheebah is rocking. I want to do a song with my big brother Jose Chameleone in the near future.

How did you come up with the idea of AmaRulah?

I was attending a party, these parties where you are told to come with drinks and then there was this man who came in with six bottles of AmaRulah… He got so high on his own supply and was looking for company. He was asking girls out and praising Amarula. His talk was hilarious and from everything he said, I decided to write a romantic song titled AmaRulah.


When are you coming to Kampala?

I haven’t been to Kampala in a while but am looking forward to come and interact with all my people. I love Uganda so much because I believe my international status started off from Uganda working with Allan Toniks, Radio, Weasel and Washington. My international doors opened up from Kampala. Uganda is so special to me. I have an album with Allan Toniks but we never got a chance to release it. But am talking to him to have these projects released.

Are you married?

Yes, I am married.

What do you like doing in your spare time?

I am kind of a workaholic. My spare time is really brief. But whenever I have some time, I have to read, watch movies, travel around Africa and study about our culture.

Would you do a collabo with Chris Evans?

Let’s get in touch and find out what he has done. I don’t charge for collaborations. What I look out for is just uniqueness in music and belief in your music. If you have a great release plan, then we can definitely work. I don’t like collaborations that benefit only one party. A collaboration should benefit all parties involved.

Do you write your songs? Who is your producer?

I write and produce my songs. But on this new album – Superstar, I have worked with over 4 other producers.

What is your favourite Premier League Club?

I love Arsenal.

Who is the biggest Ugandan musician in Zambia?

Jose Chameleone has a great fan base here. Radio and Weasel are doing good. Sheebah is amazing. Not forgetting my brother Allan Toniks.