Without Humility, Fame Is Abused.


By Innocent Kawooya | Mohamed Kimbugwe | Editor: Consolate Kyarikunda

It is human nature that when people attain stardom, they often times acquire this kind of aloofness that detaches them from reality. That is obviously myopic and overestimated sense of self-worth and importance.

It usually is characteristic of stars that are just getting their feet off the ground because experience shows that some of the most successful superstars in the world are also remembered for their rare brand of humility.

Yet on not less than one occasion, some stars have totally forgotten to be human, wanting to walk on everyone’s heads and forgetting that humility doesn’t reduce a thing from their talent or status as stars.

These are usually self-imposing people who think that probably the world is not aware of their stardom and they must as such rub it so hard into everyone’s skin, including the use of vulgar and abusive language.

These music stars need a simple reminder that those whose pam kennels have been broken by the gods must never forget to be humble. They ought to be human and remember that compared to the achievements of those who have come before them, they are still toddlers.

Why lose your senses just because you have a hit single playing on five radio stations? Why think you run the world just because you had a successful maiden concert? Why try to step on everyone’s toes just because your video airs on television?

What then would Philly Lutaaya and Basudde do? May be every Christmas, Philly Lutaaya would walk the streets naked out of the success of his Christmas album. He would probably go to city square and proclaim that he has the best Christmas album of all time.

Yet in his days, an overly gifted and successful artist like Philly Lutaaya is remembered for his humility. He remained human in all aspects and it is no wonder that he came out to make history when he declared that he was HIV positive.

He breathed his last trying to save humanity! Can’t some of our stars pick lessons from such a super star as Philly Lutaaya, who never allowed stardom to render him senseless and utterly inhuman? Has anyone ever considered him any less of a star just because he never insulted anyone with vulgar language?

What then would Elly Wamala do, on finding out that his music was so nice that musicians were doing renditions of it? Would he walk all over the city with loudspeakers, proclaiming how he was such a successful musician?

Why then should any star turn inhuman, just because they hear their song on radio every day or they have a huge following on social media, when those who have overly achieved never allowed that to rid them of humility?

Stars ought to be and remain human, because the world has seen before them examples of those who made unequaled achievements but remained human. They also need to remember that there are no statistics for being inhuman or vulgar, neither are there medals and awards for that.

If stardom were to render everyone inhuman then Michael Jackson’s Ghost would perhaps be President of America. He has every right in that regard. He was the King of Pop, changed the way people danced and whatever he did, became a trend.

Yet such an achiever remained human every manner! He is not on record as having been blinded by stardom to turn senseless and walk all over people. Humility was a key part of his life and that did not make him any less of a star.

Real stars let their works and achievements speak for them. They don’t allow their imaginary sense of important to overshadow their sense of reason. They don’t just say whatever crosses their mouth and are known for having impeccable interpersonal skills.

Real stars don’t impose themselves on the people. They just go ahead, follow their calling and let the people be the judges. Real stars are likeable, know how to manage their anger and even when things get out of hand, they make amends!

Music stars ought to be human and remember that only their works can make them special and separate them from the crowd, and that above all; the world loves humble achievers especially when their achievement thrives on the masses.

In the event that you can’t keep your cool and remain human, then hire a professional Public Relations consultant or a spokesperson and keep a sensible public record, instead of going vulgar and embarrassing both yourself and your fans.

So many people out there look up to music stars for inspiration and it is important that music stars set a perfect example for them.

As a music star you are special, but you are also human! Keep that in mind!