#FATTAHUnveil: Club Ambiance filled to capacity during the Fattah Unveil Party.

HiPipo Reporter.

Last Saturday was the much anticipated #FattahUnveil Party at Club Ambiance, Bukesa, Kampala. True to the pre-event hype, the party sold out with over 1500 revelers, from different works of life turning up to for the show.

The event started at 11:30PM with DJ Shiru mega live club mix. At 1:00am (Sunday morning), the performances kicked off.

HiPipo Awards winner for Must Watch Talent 2017, Kizaza was the first to perform. His six minutes live Hip-Hop session left the crowd excited.

Kizaza was immediately followed by Juju who performed Zandibuseko and Kwagala, Jayman & T Paul performing Okwagala and Wewawo and then Lugaflow legend Mulekwa Nampeera who performed, Radio, Abaana Bano and Bukokolo.

After Mulekwa’s ‘idiom and Luganda literature’ rich performance, Roden Y stepped on stage and had the crowd go wild and riot. He gave a performance of his life with songs like Easy, Nanfuuka and Number Emu before inviting Fattah on stage.

Fattah performed together with the able Bullet Dance Crew. The dance, singing and overall performance was spot on. Her performance include songs like Yegwe, Fire, Nduulu and Onjogeza.

Even though new in the game, Fattah received a standing ovation from the big crowd as she proved beyond reasonable doubt that she is a talented singer and dancer. The sky can only be the limit for her.

Fattah Unveil Party was organized by MaMa Entertainment. MC Pauma officiated the night. Photos by Events Images Photo Clinic. Kyengera.