Geosteady Ft Charly & Nina – Owooma climbs into Top 10 #MTNCallertunez Charts on HiPipo by end of Week 4


The #MTNCallertunez Charts on HiPipo has seen 10 Ugandan songs move and take positions in the top 10 during week 4 edging out other international songs that are among the TOP 30.  At the end of week 4, the raising songs are: Geosteady Ft Charly & Nina – Owooma: MTN Caller Tune 5026345  that moved into top 10 for the first time.

For the 4th week of running #MTNCallertunez Charts on HiPipo, Sheebah Karungi – The Way  (MTN Caller Tune 5026253) and Bebe Cool – Nananana  (MTN Caller Tune 5134151) are the top 2 trending caller tunez as of Sunday 30th  April.

Because Every moment in our day can be celebrated or expressed using a caller tune, MTN is making it possible to get these top trending tunes and any other tune at an affordable UGX 35 per day. Other tunes making it to the a TOP 10 trending MTN Callertunez charts on HiPipo’s digital platforms for the week ending 30th  April are:

  1. Sheebah Karungi – The Way: MTN Caller Tune 5026253
  2. Bebe Cool – Nananana: MTN Caller Tune 5134151
  3. Mulekwa Nampeera – Bukokolo: MTN Caller Tune 5159341
  4. David Lutalo – Kwasa: MTN Caller Tune 5134066
  5. Winnie Nwagi – Kano Koze: MTN Caller Tune 5026282
  6. Irene Namatovu Ft. Geoffrey Lutaaya – Aliba Ani: MTN Caller Tune 5068738
  7. Geosteady Ft Charly & Nina – Owooma: MTN Caller Tune 5026345
  8. Juju – Kwagala: MTN Caller Tune 515850
  9. Ronald Mayinja Ft. Karitas Kario – Njagaza Kajanja: MTN Caller Tune 5026255
  10. Evelyn Lagu – Ngukuwade: MTN Caller Tune 5159450

CRBT How To activate a tune for only UGX 35:

o SMS tune code to 170

Ø E.g. to down load I Know Who I Am (by Sinach), SMS 51511601 to 170 or dial 170 and follow prompts.

o Or Dail *170*2*1# to search by Artists name OR *170*2*2# to search by Tune name

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