HiPipo Music Awards; The Defamation Campaign Perpetuated by Some Media Houses and Personalities.

Held at the Kampala Serena Hotel on Saturday 04th February 2017, the fifth edition of the prestigious HiPipo Music Awards (#HMA2017) was Sui Generis in every aspect, right from the quality of the event to regional (East Africa) character.

The 5th prestigious HiPipo Music Awards will be memorable for many years for its stunning performances, special award winners plus soul touching acceptance speeches and top notch production (sound, stage, lighting, and screens). The event was punctuated with pomp and glitz as well as performances from some of East Africa’s very best.

While the excitement still vibrates in every corner of the region as artists continue to thank their fans and teams for their victory, some select media houses and media personalities have perpetuated a defamation (slander and/or libel) campaign perhaps with ill intention of tainting the brand HiPipo and discrediting the hard work of the winners and nominees.

Among the targeted negativity, allegations, lies, falsehoods, defamation (slander and/or libel) that some media houses / personalities are spreading are;

  1. That there are some artists that own HiPipo (and HMA): As a fully registered company in Uganda, HiPipo has a clearly stipulated shareholding. None of HiPipo shareholders and directors is a performing artist. This information is available at URSB.
  2. That some artist paid for HMA2017 venue cost. All the payments for HMA2017 were executed by the management of HiPipo and receipts issued to them accordingly. The managements of HMA event venue and production partners that are reputable companies in Uganda would attest to that fact.
  3. That some artist(s) paid to win an award. HiPipo Music Awards has over the last 5 years had over 100 award winners that are a result of fans votes. Once five or ten people are nominated in a category, it can go any way for the winner and there will be only one winner depending on how active their fans voted in that category. Never has and never will anyone win the prestigious HiPipo Music Award by paying any amount.
  4. That HiPipo contacted a popular DJ and asked him to buy air tickets for Navy Kenzo or pay only UGX 400,000 if he wanted to win Best DJ Award. HiPipo has never contacted any DJ or any musician to buy air tickets or anything. We can also confirm that HiPipo paid for the air tickets of Navy Kenzo using its finances and direct from our bank accounts. The records are both with the Bank and Airline that were involved in the transaction.

It is very unfortunate that out of selfish interest to destroy HiPipo, some media house would publish such falsehoods. In doing so such media houses/ personalities are trying to discredit the hard work and the fully deserved merit of all winners and nominees whose fans voted to accord them their awards recognition. We task the media house(s) spreading this defamation to produce proof to this effect.

We wish to remind all Ugandans, East Africans and Africans that HiPipo has for 10 years slowly and surely grown serving Uganda, East Africa and Africa in bigger ways every passing day. We cannot be shaken and we shall not wither by the selfishness and jealous of some persons and organizations whose only motive is to destroy HiPipo.

We send out our Congratulations to all the winners and NOMINEES at the 5th Prestigious HiPipo Music Awards and we promise to protect your FANS VOTE and thus your WIN.

The fabricators of such falsehoods are not just HiPipo’s enemies but enemies of the Music Industry and the People of Uganda, East Africa and Africa!

We have thus tasked our legal team to start the legal process against the Media Houses and Journalists perpetuating a defamation campaign in hope of discrediting your win or nomination. We shall also provide legal support to the artists that will want to take legal action against the media houses and journalists that are defaming the artist/s in relation to their HMA win or nomination.

HiPipo ~ By The Grace of God!