Team Juliana Ushers! A Tale Of How Music Can Have a Positive Impact On Society.

Mohamed Kimbugwe.

When I first saw these guys, they were just a click of young, energetic and excited lovers of good music that I never expected to eventually turn their love for good music into an enterprising initiative like Team Juliana Ushers! How wrong I was! As I write this, I can’t explain the mixture of both shock and excitement that continues to dance in my head ever since I received the news that Juliana Kanyomozi Super Fans started an Ushering business.


Well, I’m not sure whether Juliana Kanyomozi has heard about this and what she thinks about it, but let me sum it all in one line. These guys are a clear manifestation that music can have a positive impact on society! Before we dig deep into that, let me first take you back to when I first met them.

They were this group of people that loved everything about the Super Diva Juliana Kanyomozi. They would vote her whenever she got nominated for any awards, made her music viral online and requested for her songs on radio and television!


I can never forget this one time they had to vote for Juliana Kanyomozi’s Coke Studio Mashups against very stiff continental competition. They would spend their own money on data and spend sleepless nights voting the woman they so believe in and whose music they so love! That level of love and dedication was beyond comparison!

I also remember very vividly, the two times they have organized their annual Juliana Kanyomozi Super Fans Dinner, how much hype they have given it and how well attended it has been. Their level of organization is out of this world and I’m sure they will not find it complex doing business!


Their love for Juliana Kanyomozi has over the years been such a strong bond that has kept them together as one big family! Previously strangers, but now held together so strongly by their thick love for Juliana Kanyomozi. This story is similar to the kind of stuff we see in movies!

At this point, let me say from the bottom of my heart that I wish Team Juliana Ushers all the best and may music continue to have such a positive impact on society!