With Better Quality Videos, Princess Juliana Kanyomozi Can Conquer The World

Mohamed Mushaijamukuru Kimbugwe

Let’s go straight to business. If Juliana Kanyomozi’s Woman had a world class video, it would be much bigger than it already is. Yes, it has gone places and attracted airplay in Africa and all over the globe, but its limiting factor is an average video.

That Princess Juliana Kanyomozi has her place up there among the very best Divas in Africa is a fact! However, until she ventures in world class videos, then she will not become Africa’s biggest export to the world, a role that would so perfectly suit her.

This is exactly why. Music world over has come down to the quality and class of videos a musician can put together. Music videos break barriers and appeal to even those who don’t understand the language of the song.

Let me give you a simple example of Diamond Platnumz’ Nana. Even if you don’t understand the language of the song, you sure will follow the story of the video and enjoy the choreography. It is the kind of video that one can market anywhere in the world.

Videos have since progressed from pointing a camera at the musicians. Music videos now include a high degree of both technical and conceptual creativity, right from concept to choice of locations and the aptitude of the director.


True, Juliana has seen and done it all. She has consistently released awesome music and got recognition locally, continentally and globally. However, she still has an international frontier to explore and she ably can, if she betters her videos.