The Return of the Princess! Juliana Kanyomozi Is Back With Woman

Med Mushaijamukuru Kimbugwe

Whoever said you might never know how strong you are until being strong is the only option you have left, probably had Juliana Kanyomozi in mind. The Super Diva is back with a new single entitled Woman, for which she is already crafting a video. This is obviously pleasant news, given that some circles had it that she had quit singing.

On the 14th of December at the Juliana Kanyomozi Super Fans Glitters Dinner, the princess rubbished claims that she had quit singing and promised her fans that she was busy cooking nice things. Woman comes in as a prompt affirmation of her promise, to the excitement of her fans and all objective minded stakeholders in the Ugandan music industry.

Woman comes in as an awesome follow up to Something of My Life, a supper classic ballad by Juliana Kanyomozi, featuring Ganda Boys. In Something of My Life, Juliana exhibits vocal prowess and awakens memories of such acclaimed Divas as Mariah Carey, Celine Dione and Whitney Houston. The Ganda Boys too come off as mature artists in the same piece.

In the last few days, social media has been abuzz with pictures of the Super Diva in white. Yes! Those are pictures from the video shoot of her latest single and the setting is amazing! I love the beautiful sunset in the background and her choice of white for a costume. This will definitely give birth to a video that exudes serenity!

That Juliana kanyomozi is back with a new song shouldn't be news. She has been here, done it and earned it all. She has swept awards, set a trend for classy

concerts when she did her Up Close and Personal concert at Serena and has been a trail blazing Super Diva. What makes news however, is the fact that this

comes against a gloomy backdrop.  What makes even more news is the fact that she is strong enough to return to what she does best.

At this rate, Juliana Kanyomozi will sure do what she does best! She will spoil us with good music and her place at the top will remain untouched!