Juliana Kanyomozi Makes an Irrevocable Statement of Aptitude with Twalina Omukwano

Mohamed Mushaijamukuru Kimbugwe

Old meets new and voila! The result is an “eargasm”! Twalina Omukwano breathes heavily from Afro Caribbean music, the kind that characterized post-independence Ugandan bands and musicians; yet with a feel of contemporary R&B at some point.

Its tempo, just like its flow and track slowly winds to a place close to slow Rumba, yet with some mild Jive, similar to the kind of Calypso that was done back in the 80s and early 90s. Twalina Omukwano is some complex cocktail that gives birth to a beautiful love song- not in the conventional sense of a love song!

Juliana Kanyomozi hits the lyrics in Twalina Omukwano right on the head; and I’ll tell you why I’m kicking off with lyrics. When it comes to love songs, everyone seems to do the same old regurgitated and boring lines. Not Juliana! She comes off with creative and well thought out lyrics. You’ll fall in love with the lines of Twalina Omukwano.

Looking at the melody dynamics, chorus and hook, you’ll realize that Twalina omukwano is varied and pleasant to the ear. Much as you will find it easy to grasp the song and sing along, you’ll fall in love with the chorus; and the hook for me is in the lines, “Nandibadde yenze akwagala, wandibadde yeggwe omwagalwa” or something like that. They literally pull your ears and soul back into the song whenever she sings them out.

The track, like I earlier said picks breath from Afro Caribbean music, including the percussion, keys and wind instruments. At around three (3) minutes and six (6) seconds however, the track varies, bringing into it some element of R&B. Twalina Omukwano’s track is not monotonous and will keep your ears interested from start to end.

Talking vocals, this may not be Juliana’s most sophisticated vocal package, but it is appropriate. Her vocals are laced with some element of nostalgia and regret; and by the way, it is at this point that I need to make a quick reminder. The song is so sweet; you may actually notice after listening about ten times, that it carries a sad message.

Not grossly sad, but the persona talks about this love so sweet, not anymore!

With Twalina Omukwano, Juliana makes an irrevocable statement of aptitude. Feels like she just said, “Hey, I’m just getting started. You simply haven’t seen the best of me”.