Father Joseph Tamale in Kisa Kyo


Based in Matale, Kalisizo, Rakai district; Father Joseph Tamale is a practicing priest of the Roman Catholic Church and a professional singer. A year ago, the man of God resolved to start up a youth talent supporting organisation that he named Heralds of Good News. The group is composed of talented singers, dancers and actors most of whom are in high school currently.

Father Tamale, the founder and leader of this initiative foresees a bright future of Heralds of Good News. Together, they aim at not only empowering the future leaders of this world but also being an opportunity platform for many that seek the limelight.

Heralds of Good News is working on a 7 track album with hit producers Jozy Mayanja and Henry Kiwuuwa at Kanyanya based, Grayce Records.  A few weeks ago, Father Tamale officially released the first single off this album. The single is dubbed Kisa Kyo, which is also the title of the album under production.

When you listen to Kisa Kyo, you'll realise that Father Tamale is not taking things for granted and has paid particular attention to releasing good music. From a lively and varied track to superb vocals, both Father Tamale's and the backup vocalists; the man of God means business with music. Under normal circumstances, people would appreciate music from a priest however average, yet Father Tamale has focused on the best.

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