Delicious! That Is Princess Juliana Kanyomozi’s Kalibatanya Video In A Nutshell

Mohamed Kimbugwe

I flippantly called 2015 the year of Juliana Kanyomozi and I think she took my witticism seriously!
The Princess has kept her tight clutch on 2015 and her latest Kalibatanya video is clear substantiation to that seriousness. She gives me more reason to believe that just like wine, she gets better with time.

Simple but not simplistic! Kalibatanya video exudes an ambiance that is tranquil, elegant and glitzy all at the same time. I love music videos that are not clogged and Kalibatanya took very ample care of me in that regard. The video is not congested, yet it remains delicious to the eye- VERY DELICIOUS!

The Princess nailed both her costumes and makeup and looks very angelically dazzling! This is complemented by the choice of lighting, background colors, camera movements and the manner in which shots were intercut from scene to scene.

Given that Juliana Kanyomozi focuses on rendering the song, the video is kept alive by male dancers who give it a masculine feel, as well as a well thought out story that keeps your eyes glued to the screen from beginning to end.

It is the story of a young couple that spans right from the time they are getting ready for their date, all the way to their date. The youthful feel of their date speaks volumes of pure love, the kind that settles comfortably with the lyrics of the song.

Right from the time she did Something Of My Life (Ft. Ganda Boys), Princess Juliana Kanyomozi breathed new life into her music trade, that one might think she just started. She followed it up with Woman, a song that is still stretching chats all over the continent and in various parts of the world.

Kalibatanya video comes in as awesome follow up to Something Of My Life and Woman; and with this kind of pace, the Super Diva is unstoppable.