Video review; Olibeera Nange by Juliana Kanyomozi

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So I will always be with you Princess Juliana???

I guess you have watched this video at least once. Our snoops can reliably confirm that Olibeera Nange is fast spreading in Kampala city. Whether it’s because of Juliana’s marketing team aggressiveness, the video producers or the fans, I have no idea. I am only sure that it is one of those Juliana videos I find very different.

Of course Olibeera Nange is not a piece sent from heaven. To start with, I totally fell in love with Juliana’s blue dress; it’s simple and sweet. The lighting around it in this video adds a classy shining feel. I also didn’t know that Princess Juliana had such a nice back!

 Olibeera Nange audio is with no doubt awesome. Whether you want to talk about its lyrics, vocals or track, you will agree with me that the combination of these aspects brought to life a very special song.

2nd HiPipo Music Awards ‘Best Female Afrobeat Song award winner, ‘Juliana’ has never been bad at ballads, take for example her past Libe Sanyu and Omutima Oguluma singles, she is no joker for this kind of music.

Olibeera Nange video comes with good lighting; more than 70% of the video was shot in one indoor location. Juliana features along with her ‘Olibeera Nange’ partner, romantically expressing the full meaning of the message she desired to deliver in the song.

Juliana is at the top of her game as every scene evidently showcases how ready she was to act love and fully express it with different actions. The guy on the other hand at some point fails to accept reality that Princess Juliana had given him a chance to be romantic enough with a super diva, and instead shies away.  Of course, I can’t fail to note that moment when he gets down on his knees to tell her something. I have no doubt all ladies would love their…..kings treat them this way!

Putting that aside, the video was not about anyone else but Princess Juliana and trust me, she could not put up any better act for this particular single. For reasons such as high quality pictures, good lighting, great fashion and Juliana’s surprising acting, I can’t rate this video at any mark less 85%; I don’t know what you think. Please feel free to agree or disagree with me in the comments section below.

For the video director, what was on those walls indoor as Juliana narrated her Olibeera Nange story? Those walls looks so miss placed.

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