Top 20 East African artists on Facebook ~ 2014


Tanzania’s durable and multi award winning super diva, ‘Lady Jay Dee’ is the most popular East African artist of 2014.

Lady Jay Dee, who has also been a darling to the fans over the years, was put at the top by a comprehensive social media survey; which was carried out to rank and assess the most followed East African artists on Facebook, the world’s leading social media platform.

Lady Jay Dee convincingly topped this prestigious list.  She took the Gold from Kenya’s Hip Hop artist, Nonini who was at the apex of 2013’s top 50 list.

The survey titled ‘Top 20 East African artists on Facebook ~ 2014' was conducted by, and supported by Cyberplc Limited, the brand that brings you Digital Impact Awards Africa.

The survey involved close monitoring of Facebook pages of more than 270 East African musicians for the last 12 months.

By survey time, Lady Jay Dee was liked by at least 334,123 people and not less than 208,434 (62.4%) local likes from Tanzania, her base country.

Diamond Platnumz (Tanzania) took silver with 259,110 Likes and 148,000 local likes whereas Uganda’s Bebe Cool took bronze with 231,592 total likes of which 159,355 (68.8%) were local fans from Uganda.

This makes Bebe Cool the most popular Ugandan artist on Facebook for the second time in a row. He was No.4 largely in 2013.

Overall, all the top 20 East African artists on Facebook were followed by a collective figure of over 3,086,163 people, with a total of 2,202,654(71.4) local likes as of July 10th 2014.

Just like other surveys we have carried out, the East African artists’ survey is bearing fruits. Since our 2013 East African artists survey, the top 20 artists of 2014 have received more than 2,151,454 new likes, a figure that doubles 2013’s total likes.

The top 20 East African artists on Facebook survey follows other previous surveys we have carried out such as Top 50 East African artists on Facebook, Top 14 Ugandan Artists on Social media and Top 20 African presidents on Social Media among others.

Kenya topped this year’s list with 60% representation, followed by Uganda with 25.4%, and Tanzania 15%, though Tanzania took the top 2 spots.

Kenya’s 12 artists in the top 20 list had a total of 1,543,843 likes of which 1,217,750 (78.9) were local likes.

Uganda’s 5 artists had a total of 745,223 likes and 466,292 (62.6) were local likes, whereas Tanzania’s 3 artists had 694,529 likes and 445,323 (64.1) local likes.

Five artists on this list have unclean URLs and these are JuaCali Genge, Rabbit – Kaka Sungura, Juliana Kanyomozi, Wahu Kagwi, Kambua and Navio.

Only 8 (40%) of the top 20 artist have verified pages, with 6 from Kenya, with 1 a piece for Tanzania and Uganda.

Much as Burundi and Rwanda were considered in this survey, no artists from countries made the top 20 list.

An average of 6.43% people talk about (check out pages, comment, like or share activity on pages) every week. These artists’ pages have been followed for the last twelve months to analyze growth and activity.

To qualify to this listing, an artist must have had at least 40% likes from their base country. Below is the full list of the top 20 East African artists on Facebook.

Top 20 East African Artists on Facebook - 2014

Downloand full report for the Top 20 East African Artists on Facebook.