The Battle of the Mayanjas: Weasel and Pallaso vs Chameleone and AK47


HiPipo Team

They are brothers, musicians and super talented. Their family is one of the few Ugandan families with more than two musical brothers.

The other prominent musical brothers are Saba Saba, Vampino and Maurice Kirya.  Also Shanks Vivie D, Shanks Junior and Monitor Shanks are talented brothers.

Eddie Yawe, Bobi Wine, Banjo Man and Mikie Wine are also brothers that are actively doing music. 

As highlighted in the title, the latest musical battle is The Battle of the Manyanjas. The four singing brothers have paired themselves into two groups. One group comprises of AK47 and Dr Jose Chameleone (The youngest and the Oldest among the four). The other group has Weasel and Pallaso, both older than AK47 but younger than Jose Chameleone.

To kick off the battle, the two groups have recorded and consequently released two songs. Weasel and Pallaso have theirs titled Omugongo while AK47 and Chameleone have Kaleeba. Both songs sound nice and clearly exhibit how talented this family is.

Confirming the development, Pallaso posted on Facebook, “Share Share Share Now! Both Tunes Are Bad! Same Producer! But You Have To Decide Which One Is Better.”

The group with a bigger hit and more votes will have won the battle.

It is not the first time that these brothers are singing together. For the fact, Chameleone has songs with his three younger brothers. The collabos are Yes We Can and Bring it On featuring Pallaso, Bomboclat featuring Weasel and Bayuda featuring AK47.