Sheebah Continues To Impress With Jordan Music Video


Medkimbugwe (at)

The 2013-2014 music season will definitely go down in the history of Ugandan music, as the year of Sheebah Karungi. She seems to have finally hit the winning code and everything she does seems to turn out right. Her latest Jordan video is a clear attestation to this.

To start with, Sheebah took on a very risky concept that could have easily slipped into a monotonous and boring Jordan video. Fortunately for her, it didn't. Her crazy imagination gave birth to an interesting video and probably the exact thing she needed to keep skeptics silent.

The video is all about a strip of cubicles with different activities going on in each cubicle. These cubicles represent Ugandans from different walks of life; acrobats, police officers and prisoners, to mention but a few, with each group doing things unique to them.

It is this kind of variety that rids the video of monotony and makes it interesting to watch. Complementing the variety is the fact that everything was kept lighthearted. You'll see a bride or police officer dancing crazy moves, a thing that makes Jordan even more interesting to watch.

On the negative side, however, I'm used to Sheebah for being a vigorous performer with an eye for colorful costumes and props.

Unfortunately, I don't see that Sheebah in Jordan video. May be she stayed away from the performer she is for a change of pace, but every musician must know their strong point and flaunt it.

Other than that, Jordan is a nice video. It speaks volumes of imagination, effort and creativity, but above all, it was crafted with the word entertainment at its heart.