Quick Guide to August 2014: Music Concerts and Album Launches.


HiPipo Team  

There only five months to the end of 2014. Usually at this time, most of our musicians have released the songs they believe will have them finish the year at a high.

And again, during this time of the year, most musicians always believe they are ready to either launch their latest albums or hold concerts. Yes, holding concerts/album launches is an annual thing for most of the big musicians here. You can’t blame them that much because it is during such big shows that they make huge sums of money.

August is turning-out to be the busiest musical month of 2014. There are almost more than one concert/album launch scheduled every week. Of course, some musicians may win-make huge profits and others may make severe losses thanks to this inevitable congestion.

1st August:

To start with, Sir Mathias Walukaga will be launching his latest album titled Amanya Ga Kabaka and Kiwugulu. The launch will be held tomorrow 1st August at Calendar Guest House Makindye. Entry fee will be Shs10000 and 30000.

8th August:

This day will have two concerts held in different locations.

The talk of the town is Best of Bebe Cool-#BBC concert to be held at Serena Hotel with entry fee being Shs 50000, and VIP tables going for 3 million each while V-VIP tables with go for 5 million each. It is the first time Bebe Cool is holding a show at Serena Hotel. He has imported automated (Financial) cards to work as entry tickets among other different things he has lined up for this show. Whatever happens, it will most likely be the concert of the month.   

On the same day, Geoffrey Lutaaya will hold his Olweza album launch at Muganzirwaza Complex-Kibuye. Entrance fee will be Shs 20000 and 50000 for VIP.  

15th August: 

This will be a tricky Friday. For starters, Big Eye will be holding the ‘Ekikumi-Physically Fit concert at Freedom City costing Shs 10000 and Shs 30000. It will be his first concert since he started doing commercial music. Big Eye is aggressively marketing his concert across all media and will also have several big names performing at his show. These two factors may play a big role in influencing the proceedings of his concert. 

On the same day, Bobi Wine will stage the ‘Everyone is Me’ charity concert at Hotel Africana featuring Radio, Weasel and Chameleone among other artists. Tickets for this charity gig will be sold at Shs 20000 and 50000. 

23rd August: 

It will be an action packed Saturday. Your boy, East Africa’s biggest Hip-Hop Export Navio will be holding a day concert titled #NavioConcert for Shs 10000 only, starting at 10:00am till evening. High School goers will be at home and Campus students will have just returned to University. The timing is perfect for an all Hip-Hop Concert. Chances are high that Navio will have a good crowd at Kati Kati on that day. 

But wait, on the same day, there will be the high school Kadanke Summer Time Beach Fiesta at Lido beach Entebbe. Entrance will be 5000 and 10000. 

There may be other music events that haven’t been captured here. You are free to add them in the comment section. Wishing you all a musical and fun-filled August.