Love You Everyday: One Song that has even Haters Publically Admiring


HiPipo Editorial

No matter the darkness, when light comes, it always finds its way.

Such true life observations relate with Bebe Cool’s latest song Love You Everyday.

After some years of 'missing in action' on the bigger International scene, Big size Bebe Cool is back with a bang.

Love you Everyday wouldn’t come at any better time than now. Bebe Cool is set to host his first ever show at Serena Hotel titled; Best of Bebe Cool (#BBC) come 8th August 2014.

As his fans were busy buying their automated tickets for the forthcoming show ( the tickets will in the future be used as financial cards), his enemies were busy tormenting him; some with facts and others baselessly.

Something happened on Sunday morning. The 2014 HiPipo Music Awards Artist of the year released a brand new song titled Love You Every day. The song had been released outside Uganda two weeks ago. 

All of a sudden, much of the Ugandan music attention moved to this new song. Love him or Hate him all you waht, but Bebe Cool now has an international music tool that can make even the best critic sound like a village talker if they try to overlook the quality this song comes with.

What makes Love You Everyday different?

It is all English with a combination of different music genres including Rock, Pop, and House music. Those that understand English love the words/ message while those that don’t get a word in the song are taken away by its classic beats.

Forget your high tempo music from Nigeria-Ashawo, Alingo etc, no matter their popularity, qualitywise they don’t come close to Love You Every day.

And the video only did justice to an already great song. Capital Dreams’ Clarence Peters gave the video his best. The location, smoke, car and female model are all spot-on. Bebe outshines himself in this one.

With more than 14,000 YouTube views 3 days after it was uploaded, the future looks brighter. It has the powers to be a hit across oceans.   So far, it has already played on MTV and Channel O several times.

Hopefully, the right music minds get to listen to it early enough and distribute it to bigger markets. If this happens, then Love You Every day may as well 'become one of Uganda’s biggest songs ever'.