Be Counted, a song composed by Joanita Kawalya Muganga


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National Census is here – It’s everyone’s responsibility to support the Census!

Joanita Kawalya was recently selected by the Uganda Bureau of statistics (UBOS) to compose a national census song on the theme “Counting for planning and improved service delivery”.

The song has been produced with a feel of different languages such as Acholi, Kinyankole, Luganda, and English among others.

Uganda the Pearl of Africa, with good weather, fertile soil, natural resources, fresh water and loving people. As years go by babies are born, many things change, population rose, oh we need more hospitals roads and schools………. Census is the answer, let’s be counted!” one of the verses goes.

The song is titled ‘Be Counted’ and features multi-talented musicians namely Joanita Kawalya Muganga, GNL Zamba, Angela Kalule, Jemimah Sanyu, Santana, KC Sammy, Florence Rukundo, Ham K, Legend P and Susan – popularly known as Maama Jordan.

It was produced by two times HiPipo Music Awards nominee ‘Jose Mayanja’ at Grayce Records in Kanyanya with intention to sensitize.

National census night will be on 27th of August and enumeration starts on the 28th of August to Sept 6th 2014.

Unlike many campaigns that call for travel of targeted population, census will find you where you are.

Be where you are and be counted!

The last time I wrote about Joanita Kawalya, she along with a number of prominent Ugandan artists had composed a song for the mothers of this world under the theme ‘Elimination of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV‘.

She is with no doubt the most respected female artist in Uganda and probably East Africa. Her efforts in the struggle to groom and mentor the African girl child while protecting the interests of the African mother continue to pay off every new day.

Joanita Kawalya Muganga is one of the national champions for population secretariat (Popsec), together with Africa’s most Decent first ladyMaama Janet Museveni’, Nnabagereka Sylvia Nagginda and Dr. Maggie Kigozi.

She has served as key mentor in the popular child mentoring holiday gathering ‘Ekisaakaate’.

Do you need happiness, education, shelter, good health care and good roads???  ~ Be Counted!

Be where you are and be counted.

Listen to Be Counted song exclusively on HiPipo Radio.