Woodz in Tuzine video


Innocent [at] HiPipo.com

I hope you remember that Mega Ina Da Dance hit that featured the likes on Mega Dee, Ghetto President Bobi Wine and Sizzaman among others, Mulika Henry popularly known as Woodz did the chorus of that song.

Born from Bweyogerere; a Kampala suburb, he is now progressively working on growing his solo career. Woodz has more than 6 nice singles out that include Take me, Tuzine, First Choice, Onyirira, and Akaama his latest single.

He is a multi talented song writer, singer and vocalist that has worked with different studios and bands as a backup singer in the past, for solo singing and composing, Woodz is best at reggae music.

About two weeks ago, Woodz released a nice video for his song titled Tuzine. The word to Tuzine can be translated as ‘Let’s Dance’. The message in the song is intended to ask someone to come dance with you anywhere you maybe. He sings ‘Yimuka Tuzine’ meaning Get up, let’s Dance!

Tuzine video comes with a busy, simple and clear concept blended with great pictures and scenes. Majority of the acting members in Tuzine video are engaged in different activities as they get showcased on screen. They all seem interested in the song and video concept, the guys and gals are shaking their bodies while seated for a show and thereafter at a party.

Woodz consistently asks this nice looking lady to come dance with him. Though it takes a while to convince her, at last she got to the dance follow.

Watch Tuzine video critically, you will see Woodz dressed in 3 quarters pair of white shorts, I am not sure whether he dressed that way out of comfort or it was the designer’s making, but he looks so funny in that code. Well, that’s what I think, tells us what think in the comment section.

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