Josh Boss Bringing A New Sound In The Music Industry


A few weeks ago, an all stars song with a very neat video called Money and life was released. This song brought together Ugandan artists like Rabadaba, Kid fox, Saint CA, Don MC, Trophy, Minayo Brenda and some artists from West Africa. Money and Life song comes with a positive message in the lyrics; the brain child of the whole idea was none other than Josh Boss a new artist in this industry.

Josh Boss, born Joshua Peleba Omirambe says he was named Josh Boss by his friends because he always takes care of his friends when in need.

He got into the professional music industry in 2010. Josh was inspired by his fellow Ugandan artists who were doing the same thing over and over again, he felt he didn’t like it, and thus thought of how to make a difference in the industry.

Before joining, Josh asked himself questions like, who invented hip hop, reggae and all those kinds of music? Josh Boss thought it was high time he too became an initiator of a style of music that generations will always credit him for. It was from this point that Josh joined this challenging music industry.

At first, he tried different studios but the producers didn’t like his creativity, so he started his own studio called Josh media records. The studio was not only to do his music but also promote and help young artists. Josh Boss has signed a couple of artists so far though he still keeps the names secret.

His first video money and life was a project he started and wanted to work with some Ugandan artists and some few African artists. He thus called so many artists but a few like Rabadaba, Kid fox, Don MC, Saint CA, Minayo, turned up.  “I was so humbled that a number of established artists agreed to work on this project and gave it their best.

Josh Boss is planning to do a season 2 of Money and life that he will include international artists and some big African artists. Josh believes that money is part of life and everyone in the world has a story to tell about money, folks should keep waiting for season 2 of money and life.

Josh Boss released a new funny song video titled Soup this week. The video is already receiving impressive views, likes and shares social entertainment network. Soup song is based on a true story about Ugandan youths.

Josh Boss also recorded a new fusion dancehall song titled Da Thing in which he features Diva music awards Ragga Dancehall artist of the year 2010. “It’s a fusion of my style and Margla’s dancehall touch; the video will be out soon, my fans will watch first on”

Josh also recorded a free style club burning song with Prisca Mikama and another with Minayo Brenda titled I need to talk.

 “All my fellow artists should expect constant pressure from Josh, they should work on their beats, creativity, lyrics and time tables and be able to sing well with a live band plus knowing the music of tomorrow.” says Josh Boss.

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