Beckie 256 on Tribute Song for The Late Great Whitney Houston


Ugandan talented Hip Hop Mc Beckie 256 has remixed a recently released ‘Tribute Song to Whitney’, giving it an African Rap blend and merges her feel together with America’s Twista. This song is what I can call a great innovation and comes with a musical goodbye message to the late world music star Whitney Houston.

In a remixed song titled ‘Tribute To Whitney Houston’, Beckie 256 and Twista talk about the many good things  that Whitney did in this world before her death, but sadly, she had to die at a young age of ‘48’. They all together agree with the entire world that she is a true superstar and inspiration to the world, saying “Rest in Peace Whitney”.

Beckie 256 conveys her sincere condolences in the song to the late great Whitney Houston’s family, friends, and fans, on behalf of Africa.

Speaking to Beckie 256 about this song, she confessed that her lyrics were a true inspiration from the love she had for the late great Singer.

Whitney is indeed irreplaceable, just like Beyoncé sang (some people are really Irreplaceable), and Whitney will always live the hearts of many, thanks to her great love for music and the extreme talent she possessed.

Beckie said that “Before Whitney died, she said, she is going to see Jesus ‘May her Soul rest in Peace”.

Rest in Peace Whitney Houston.  Uganda is representing Africa!

Carl Terrell Mitchell born November 27, 1972, is popularly known by his stage name Twista. He is an American rapper from Chicago, Illinois.

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