Matta Remix; Eighton, Raineman, Beckie 256 and Marion


Ever since their dismissal from Gagamel crew early this year, Money Makers duo of Eighton and Raineman has been in the news for both good and bad reasons. Apart from involving in several physical confrontations with their former boss Bebe Cool, the boys have also released a number of songs. These include Masanso, Sondera and Ngatto Zo among others. 

The latest from Eighton and Raineman is Matta remix. Remember that Matta original version was released last year featuring Eighton, Raineman and Gagamel first lady Zuena. Matta went on to top charts for some good time. Following their departure from Gagamel crew, buzz around town mentioned the possibility of Matta remix. Just as it was rumoured, Matta remix is finally here.

In Matta Remix, Eighton and Raineman replace Zuena with two female singers. These are Marion and 2010 Diva Hip-Hop artist of the year Beckie 256. Marion brings in a stronger vocal feel while Beckie 256 throws appealing verses. Matta remix was recorded by producer Bless, the man behind hit songs such as Ina Da Dance and Heart Attack Vuvuzela. Listen to Matta remix right now on this Entertainment platform.

Minus Matta remix, Eighton and Raineman also have two other new songs. These are Accident and Pain Killer. You can also listen to these two songs only here on

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