People Awards Buzz Polls: Hottest Ugandan Song, Musician, Crew and Producer March 2010


People awards buzz polls results for the Ugandan music industry reveal that Kasepiki is the hottest song of March 2010. In the People awards buzz polls that have been running for over 30 days, a number of questions were set up in a buzz quiz for Ugandan music fans to vote for the hottest Song of the month, hottest Ugandan musician, Hottest Music Crew and Producer of the month.

The Hottest Song.

Kasepiki a song by Bebe Cool was put in a poll along with songs like wesotinge of H.E Bobi wine Plus Ngenda Maaso of Moses radio and weasel. Kasepiki won the poll at a very high margin after People awards fans had casted 132 votes for Kasepiki song which made 75% of the total votes.  Please check out for details.

The Hottest Musician

Dr. Jose Chameleone atagenda is the hottest Ugandan musician for March 2010. People Awards results also go ahead and reveal that female star ayokya yokya Cindy might take up the men as she gets leading Grace Nakimera and Mesach Ssemakula. Details

The Hottest Music Crew

It’s really a goodlyfe crew. seems People love the goodlyfe. In a poll with HB Toxic, Gagamel crew, and Firebase crew. Goodlyfe crew of Moses Radio and Weasel led the buzz poll with 65 votes making 50% of total votes. Details

The Hottest Ugandan Music Producer March 2010

New in the rime light, but seems to be doing well. By the time polls closed young music producer Rinex was so tight with senior producer Washington who won the polls with 53 votes alongside others senior producers like Paddy man of dream studios and Producer Kiwuwa of Grayce Records. Details