Matthias Walukaga released on bail:


Senior Super Star Artist Matthias Walukaga Out on bail:
After being arrested and later detained at Luziiraprison on Monday, Uganda’s Kadongo kamu super star was yesterday granted bail
as his Case with Salongo Samona Kasawuli kicked off at Makindye court. Known of
his Smartness, even though Matthias was from Luziira he still looked perfectly
smart. At court, he was received by thousands of fans who were singing  the most honored Kitibwa kya Buganda. When the
court started hearing the case, Elias Lukwago who stood in for Matthias
immediately requested for his bail arguing that Walukaga was Ugandan with a
clean past and thus he had all the constitutional rights for getting released
on bail. Lukwago also said that he (Walukaga) had presented himself to the
police and thus being a law abiding citizen. Such empirical facts from council
Lukwago amused the Judge who decided to grant Walukaga bail. Those that
seconded his bail included Mesearch Semakula, Musa Kavuma (Eagles production)
and Karim Lukooda. Matthias who looked depressed said that on Monday he is to
release another classic hit titled “Facts about the Prison”(Bwino
womukomera).Outside court, he was received by thousands of musicians and fans
led by Bobi Wine, Jose Chameleone, Eagles production members and many more.
Walukaga proved that he possessed Charismatic  authority because it was yesterday put in
records that the people who witnessed his hearing yesterday had never visited Makindye
court on the same day as it was for Matthias his hearing.

Story by Kalungi Nicholas